Awaken The Healer Within - Qi With Eli

Awaken The Healer Within - Qi With Eli

Hosted by: Eli Cohen

This is a weekly podcast from Master Eli Cohen discussing Qi Gong and how to apply it to your life.

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Episode 58 - Six Habits of Highly Successful (Qi Gong) People

You don't have to be a health fanatic to be healthy happy and successful.  You can set yourself up with just a few habits to ensure a healthy long life!  According to research few of the most important things to...
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Episode 57 - Detox Your liver

We rarely think about the health of our internal organs as something that can affect our state of mind, our sleep and our physical vitality. However, in Chinese Medicine, the harmonious nature in the way our internal...
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Episode 56 - Cultivating Luck!

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be very lucky in life and others seem to have a lot of struggles? Is luck a type of energy that can be cultivated and practiced?  Try to bring into your mind a time where...
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Episode 55 - Spring and Yang Energy

How are you feeling lately? Are you feeling more energetic or there are more health problems coming up to the surface?  Springtime can bring both... @hat are the  healthiest practices this season to keep healthy? This...
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Episode 52 - What makes Qi Gong movements healing?

Have you ever wondered why the movement of Qi Gong are so good for you and elicits such a strong healing response? I remember my first introduction to Qi Gong, I was participating in a day long workshop and before we...
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Episode 54 - How to improve your Qi in times of turmoil

Sometimes world events can take an emotional and energetic toll on your health and well being. This one is sneaky! Even just getting upset while reading the news can be draining energetically, no matter what your...
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Episode 53 - The best Qi Gong practices for winter!

Have you ever wondered how Qi Gong can help in cold season with stiff joints, winter blues or promote better circulation? Our body is in a constant connection with the environment, temperature, air pressure, plant...
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Episode 51 - Attracting Good Qi

Since I just came back from a vacation where I was surrounded by nature all of the time, I wanted to talk about an interesting Taoist practice that is very healing. This one very interesting practice is about...
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Episode 50 - How to Make New Year's Resolutions not Boring

NOTE: We have a workshop coming up on January 23rd titled Hard-wire Change for 2022, which will help you focus on manifesting what you want to see in your life. Click here to learn more! Last week we had a great Qi...
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Episode 49 - Three Mistakes to Avoid With New Year's Resolutions

NOTE: We have a workshop coming up on January 23rd titled Hard-wire Change for 2022, which will help you focus on manifesting what you want to see in your life. We are offering an Early-Bird discount of $10 off until...
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Episode 48 - Optimizing Your Wintertime Energy With Taoist Diet

NOTE: We are running a New Year's Special 25% discount through Jan 8th when you subscribe to my Online Qi Breaks Qi Gong Learning Platform!  Click here for more information. In this week's Qi Talk we continue our...
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Episode 47 - Liberate Yourself From Difficult Situations

This Week's Special Offer (click here): 50% off of Healthy Spine and Lower Back One Hour Healing Session! This amazing healing practice set is designed to promote movement in your spine and heal your lower back, while...
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