Awaken The Healer Within - Qi With Eli

Awaken The Healer Within - Qi With Eli

Hosted by: Eli Cohen

This is a weekly podcast from Master Eli Cohen discussing Qi Gong and how to apply it to your life.

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Episode 28 - Heal Your Back

Episode #30

Do you struggle with back pain or spinal weakness?  In this week's podcast we talk about ways that you can approach dealing with and healing yourself quickly!   We have a Qi Gong for Healthy Spine Workshop happening...
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Episode 27 - From Overwhelm to Clarity

Episode #29

Over the past year or even now, how many of you have felt stuck or overwhelmed?  It seems to be more the norm, especially over the last year.  And as we look out optimistically to our world beyond the pandemic with...
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Episode 26 - Healing Through Grief Part 2

Episode #28

A discussion about how loss, depression and grief; and how we can heal through it from a Taoist Qi Gong approach.
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Episode 25 - Healing Through Grief, Part 1

Episode #27

"Truly, only acting without thought of one’s life is superior to valuing one’s life.." -Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching In this week's Qi Talk we discuss the Taoist view on grief and how to heal through grief.  In this time,...
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Episode 24 - Energetic Frequencies in Healing - Part 2

Episode #26

Last week we started a discussion in our Tuesday Qi Talk and our weekly online classes about the frequencies of healing energy.  Invisible energy that we cultivate within us and connect to outside of us has a profound...
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Episode 23 - Energetic Frequencies in Healing - Part 1

Episode #25

The invisible electricity that lights the light bulbs in your house has a powerful effect.  It is helpful by providing the energy needed to operated your home, but can be deadly if you stick your finger in a light...
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Episode 22 - How to get more energy

Episode #24

Energy. We use that word often. When we meet someone we really like, we might exclaim, “She has great energy.” When someone is on the mend after being ill, we often announce, “His energy is better.” Or we might turn...
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Episode 21 - Preparing Your Body for Winter

Episode #23

Winter here in the Northern Hemisphere is quickly approaching and it's critical over these next few weeks to prepare your body and mind.  This week in our Qi Talk I will share some simple yet powerful ways for you to...
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Episode 20 - Processing Negative Energy

Episode #22

So often we struggle with negativity either in our own energy or in the energy of those around us.  The natural bias of the brain is towards the negative -- we stick to negativity like velcro and positivity like...
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Episode 19 - Detoxifying the Lungs

Episode #21

Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are transitioning into the Fall season.  With this the Lungs and Lung Qi become our focus.  Lungs are absolutely critical to the overall health of the body, especially the immune...
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Episode 18 - Taoist Self Healing

Episode #20

Did you know that WE are our greatest blockers to our own self healing? This week in our FREE Tuesday Qi Talk we'll discuss the principles of Taoist Self-Healing and answer your questions about how we get blocked!
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Episode 17 -The Energy of Commitment and Determination

Episode #19

In this week's Qi Talk we go deep into how we grow the energy of determination and flexibility throughout the year, and apply it universally, especially through these challenging times!
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