Episode 57 - Detox Your liver

We rarely think about the health of our internal organs as something that can affect our state of mind, our sleep and our physical vitality. However, in Chinese Medicine, the harmonious nature in the way our internal organs function plays a huge role in the quality of our life and our longevity. Just last week, I talked with a friend who used to wake up every night at 4 am and couldn't get a long, healthy sleep. My recommendation for some liver support supplements finally helped him to not wake up at 4am for the first time in years. The liver also determines your joint health and emotional swings. Have you ever noticed how emotional swings are more emphasized in people who drink alcohol, or that are drunk? Alcohol puts a lot of stress on the liver and that compromises the ability of the liver to smooth out the emotions. Every internal organ is related to a different physical, emotional and spiritual aspect of our being. That's why healing the internal organs and the harmony connections between them means treats many, many root problems in the body, mind and spirit! I get a lot of emails from subscribers having a hard time incorporating a mind-body practice like Qi Gong into their daily routine. When it comes to incorporating new routines (and changing existing), our brain is our own worst enemy. We don't seem to have time, we are tired, we doubt the practice... Our brain comes up with with anything and everything to have us not change our routine. It seems very hard to change the habit pattern of the mind! So what movements in Qi Gong will help your liver work better and what are the effects of it focusing on this important internal organ? This is the topic in this Qi Talk - enjoy!



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