Awaken The Healer Within - Qi With Eli

Awaken The Healer Within - Qi With Eli

Hosted by: Eli Cohen

This is a weekly podcast from Master Eli Cohen discussing Qi Gong and how to apply it to your life.

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Episode 67 - The Best Qi Gong for Sleep

Sleep is when the body heals and rejuvenates itself. Lack of consistent good sleep is linked to many health problems and to premature aging. In this week's podcast we discuss two different types of sleep issues in...
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Episode 66 - The Best Qi Gong for Self-Healing

There are many types of Qi Gong out there -- literally thousands of different styles and forms. In this Qi Talk we discuss the type and style will is best for Self Healing. Enjoy!
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Episode 65 - Open Q&A on Qi Gong

After running Qi Talks for couple of years, I decided to try a Qi talk Q&A session - this is an open general discussion for any questions and sharing you may have that has to do with our practice or energy...
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Episode 64 - Best Qi Gong for Anxiety Relief

Experiencing occasional anxiety is part of normal life. When anxiety is becoming part of an everyday life inhibiting us from living life with ease, calm and happiness it is something that needs to be attended. ...
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Episode 63 - Qi Gong for a Healthy Heart

In summer there's an emphasis on heart health in Traditional Chinese Medicine. What does it mean and what practices (physical and mental, or as we say in Chinese Wai Dan or Nei Dan), will support a healthy heart?  The...
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Episode 62 - About your heart health

Did you know that heart issues and heart attack is the number 'two' killer in the US? Understanding the energetic role of the heart from a Chinese Medicine perspective will help us to adopt a lifestyle that will heal...
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Episode 61 - Taoist Secrets to Aging, Part 2

What is the secret to staying young and vital with the gift of maturity -- wisdom and life-experience? In my free Qi Talk tomorrow we continue our discussion on the Taoist view on aging (or not aging!) As you mature...
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Episode 60 - Taoist Wisdom on Aging

What do you do to keep young in body and mind? As you mature in body and mind, you become wiser, more confident, increasingly tolerant and resilient. Yet, instead of celebrating these attainments, Western thinking...
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Episode 59 - Calling Energy Back for Change

Our life today is similar to our life two weeks ago in terms of our sleep pattern, eating habits, energy levels, thought pattern, etc... What would it take to change the status quo in order to have a calmer day, a...
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Episode 58 - Six Habits of Highly Successful (Qi Gong) People

You don't have to be a health fanatic to be healthy happy and successful.  You can set yourself up with just a few habits to ensure a healthy long life!  According to research few of the most important things to...
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Episode 57 - Detox Your liver

We rarely think about the health of our internal organs as something that can affect our state of mind, our sleep and our physical vitality. However, in Chinese Medicine, the harmonious nature in the way our internal...
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Episode 56 - Cultivating Luck!

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be very lucky in life and others seem to have a lot of struggles? Is luck a type of energy that can be cultivated and practiced?  Try to bring into your mind a time where...
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