Episode 64 - Best Qi Gong for Anxiety Relief

Experiencing occasional anxiety is part of normal life. When anxiety is becoming part of an everyday life inhibiting us from living life with ease, calm and happiness it is something that needs to be attended.  Anxiety is becoming an increasingly major health issue in our modern society. With the increased exposure to social media, news sources and remote work, anxiety becomes a health issue more than ever.

There are different types of anxiety from social anxiety to more specific phobias. 

In Chinese Medicine, anxiety taxes the heart first then the kidney and the lungs. Anxiety like any other stressor is the root cause for premature aging and inflammation in the body. It deteriorates the health of the internal organs. Myriads of aliments from insomnia to tendonitis and much more are associated with it. 

Research showing that is it more prevalent in people that experienced childhood trauma or societies that are under stress. Western medicine has no sustainable solution to it and only reliant on medications that typically comes with the price of other unwanted side effects.

More and more people are turning into eastern healing methodologies are offering very accessible ways to heal it and prevent it. Understanding what causes it and how eastern medicine looks at it will also gets you to understand how to go about healing it and how minor changes to your lifestyle can improve dramatically your health. 

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