About Qi Gong

Over thousands of years people in the far-east practiced a self-healing technique that was practical, effortless and that takes very little time. Qi Gong combines the benefits of physical exercise and meditation practice -- strengthening the mind and the body at the same time. Qi Gong literally means, "energy cultivation practice," and the most recent name, Yang Sheng means, "life nourishing" or "life preserving" and it teaches your body and mind to move with relaxation and power; to go with the flow of life rather than struggling to swim against the current of life. Resisting the flow creates stress and embracing the flow generates effortless power and quietude. 

You have an amazing healing powers within you! 

In each in-person or online Qi Gong class you tap into the wisdom of your own body and the healing potential of your mind using conscious movements combined with breath and visualizations. These practices cultivate Qi (Chi) to unite, gather, strengthen and heal the body. Many scientific studies conducted in China, Europe and the United States have established a solid foundation for Qi Gong as a primary means of preventing and treating a variety of conditions and diseases. Proven studies that support Qi Gong's ability to prevent and cure illness, including: 

Stress: Qi Gong helps you enter a state of calm and quiet that very few people experience even in sleep. We know that lower frequency brain waves (e.g. theta) directly correlate with the ability to self-heal.

Immune System Weakness: Qi Gong enhances white blood cell production, increases scavenger cells' activity, even revitalize the bone marrow! It also increases the number of T-cells in the thymus gland and strengthens the immune system. (Journal Of American Geriatric Society, April 2007) 

Other conditions like: cancer, chronic pain, improved stamina, diabetes, arthritis, depression, high blood pressure and more. (Various medical research & publications).



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