Master Eli Cohen Named Pacific Sun's Qi Gong Teacher of the Year!


Heal Your Gut with Qi Gong and Lifesaving Foods

When: Saturday April 6th 1pm-4pm

Where: Jewish Community Center, San Rafael, CA

Price:  $49 members $55 non-members ($49 Stream online)

In Person tickets call the JCC at 415.444.8000


In our modern society millions struggle with digestive issues, effecting their overall health, immune function and life quality. The food we eat and the way we process stress in the body has tremendous impact on our digestive health. This new powerful workshop is designed to help you hit the re-set button to transform your digestive health. You’ll learn about lifesaving foods and practice powerful qigong techniques to release stress from the digestive track so you can assimilate food with ease. The food you eat can be either the most powerful form of medicine or it can weaken and make you sick over time. Beth will show you how to take out stuff that isn’t helping your body, and put in foods that help strengthen you. Eli will show you powerful methods that helped him heal from a chronic digestive disorder. 
Eli and Beth will empower you to make good lifestyle choices that can significantly alter the course of your health and your life! This is for you if you are looking to improve your digestive health! 
Eli Cohen, has helped hundreds heal through the cultivation of life-force energy. He is a Medical Qi Gong practitioner and an Energy Healing Coach who has taught thousands of classes and many workshops.
Beth Greer, the Super Natural Mom®, best-selling author of "Super Natural Home," award-winning journalist  and environmental health coach, eliminated a sizable tumor in her chest without drugs or surgery by detoxing her body and


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