I’m very excited to spend a Sunday afternoon with you all sharing powerful practices and creating an energetic field to make our dreams really come true this year! 

Hard-Wire Change for 2022 

ONLINE workshop

Sunday January 23rd 1-4pm

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When your body, mind and spirit are aligned the energy you desire flows into your life effortlessly. 

Our Hard-Wire Change Workshop is designed to teach your mind and body how to tap into the subconscious mind to elicit change from within and manifest it into your life.  We’ll learn an ancient mind-body technique that incorporates movement and meditation.

Wintertime is a perfect time to listen to our deeper truth within, connect with our hearts and give birth to what lies ahead for us. 

Give yourself the space and time to connect within and learn ways to effectively create a footprint of your intentions in your body and life.

In the Taoist tradition it is well known that our thoughts and beliefs create reality. We can either create an opening in our life or block us from being in a continuous state of abundance and love. 

Master Eli will lead Qi Gong exercises, visualization practices, and a powerful guided meditation to help you clarify and create the transformation your heart desires.

Qi Gong is an ancient 5000 year-old practice, practiced by millions around the world and considered the ultimate energy practice. 

 Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Special meditation techniques to set goals from the heart and clear blockages from the subconscious mind

  • Specific Qi Gong movements and sound healing vibrations that clear energy, tonify intentions and circulate new energy 

  • Special Brain Rewiring partner practice

  • Writing meditation

No previous experience in Qi Gong is necessary; this class is accessible to all levels of physical ability.

Please bring a note pad and a pen. I suggest getting a journal for 2022 in which you may continue the process we start in the workshop. 





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