Longevity (Wei Qi) Breathing Workshop - Qi Gong for Lung Protection and Immune Health

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NOTE: 20% of workshop fees will be donated to the Nature Conservancy 1 Billion Trees Project*

October 24th, 10AM-12PM, PDT - Workshop will be recorded!

Don't you wish you knew how to better protect and prepare your body for winter? Why do some of us get sick more often or are more susceptible to exterior pathogens while others are not?

What if I told you that you can build a stronger defense system and feel the results within couple months of practice? The secret is held in the ancient wisdom developed thousands of years ago -- special Wei Qi strengthening movements, which focus on the Lungs.  These techniques one has to practice daily called Wei Qi Breathing.

In this workshop, you'll:

  • Experience Wei Qi breath practices that increase your ability to remove toxins from the lungs, cleanse the blood and enable you to heal faster
  • Learn how to increase your lung capacity with the Wei Qi Breathing technique. Feel your energy levels surge and an increase in sensory perception while maintaining calm and releasing stress ... all at the same time!
  • Learn how to boost respiratory function with easy practices
  • Discover additional acupressure techniques to boost immune system

* Nature Conservancy 1 Billion Trees Project's goal is to plant 1 billion trees, for more information click here.



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