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I am Eli Cohen, a Medical Qi Gong practitioner, Energy Healing Coach and Qi Gong Instructor.

I've helped hundreds experience health and call in their true life-potential and abundance. I taught thousands of classes and many workshops. The impact of this ancient healing practice healed me and showed me my calling. My experience with people healing themselves and with teachers from around the world I studied with led me to develop the personalized Deep Healing Qi Gong™ method and Qi Breaks.

Our modern lives have such a huge impact on our health and I am no exception. When I was still a practicing architect I struggled for years with severe digestive issues and mysterious abdominal pain that doctors and other healing modalities I tried had no solutions for.

After few years with no resolution, courses of different drugs even more symptoms showing up from my medical treatments, I discovered Qi Gong. I quickly learned how to heal my body through the mindfulness and Qi Gong technology combined. I discovered that I had the power within to heal myself!

Qi Gong literally saved my life...

Experience the profound impact of self-healing by starting your own practice with me today!

Best Qi,