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Three Day Challenge: From Pain to Freedom with Qi

Start your journey to health and vitality with my complimentary 3-day challenge -- get relief NOW

I'm Eli Cohen, a Medical Qi Gong practitioner and  Energy Healing Coach. 

I've helped hundreds eliminate pain, get off Rx drugs, self-heal chronic medical conditions, and call in their life's true potential in abundance.  You name it -- knee pain, digestive system issues, sleep disorders, bone and joint issues and even cancer -- all benefit from the powerful and effective energy healing practices that I teach! 

I used and mastered the same practices to  heal myself from years of chronic pain and digestive system issues.  This showed me my calling TO SHARE THIS POWERFUL KNOWLEDGE WITH YOU!

My experience witnessing self-healing, and knowledge I gained from healing masters around the world led me to develop the very accessible Qi Breaks™ online learning platform and personalized Deep Healing Qi Gong™ method.

Experience this same profound impact of self-healing by starting your journey with me today...

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Through my online Qi Breaks™ Online platform you'll learn the secrets to self-healing, pain management, stress reduction and higher energy levels with simple, easy-to-follow practices designed for everyone regardless of experience and age.


Suffer from a chronic health condition?  I can help through one-on-one work using my Deep Healing Qi Gong™ Method


I teach workshops and classes around the Bay Area, come join us in person!

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My personal self-healing journey started when I discovered ancient wisdom and energy practices like Qi Gong, meditation and others at the recommendation of a friend. I quickly learned how to heal my body and resolve stressors in my life causing illness.

What I learned literally save my life.

I left Architecture to live my calling --  to make this technology and information easily accessible, and share it with as many people as possible to help others heal themselves too!

Our modern lives have a profound impact on our health - I was no exception...

When I was still a practicing architect I struggled for years with severe digestive issues and mysterious abdominal pain that doctors and other healing modalities I tried had no solutions for.

I took courses of different antibiotics, pain meds and others that caused even more severe symptoms on top of already debilitating pain.


Chronic health issue?  Are you committed to end your suffering?


"Thanks to Eli's teachings and discovering my own self-healing powers I finished post-surgery physical therapy for my WRIST THAT I SHATTERED in a snowboarding accident, FOUR MONTHS ahead of schedule. My wrist is perfect today! I've applied the same practices to other ailments (like lower back pain, common cold, a fractured finger, a very bruised stubbed toe) with the same affect. Not only will you LOVE Eli, you'll LOVE his teachings! Practice regularly and you'll see!!"

Senior Manager, Google

"The pain from my ripped tendon had become chronic despite a month of physiotherapy and taking anti-inflammatories. Moving my shoulder or lifting my arms was painful and restricted...and I couldn't sleep! My doctor was surprised with the lack of progress after one month. That night I decided to do Chi Gong practices with Eli, in class. Eli Shared with me special instructions based on my condition before class. In the morning after when I woke up to a miracle: most of the pain was gone! Practicing with Eli has become an invaluable tool for self-healing, managing chronic pain and a journey to understand and connect myself physically and mentally."

Principal Project Manager

Qi With Eli is a Social Corporation and cares deeply about the promotion self-awareness through social action in our world.  

A portion of all profits go to mindfulness-focused, non-profits.



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