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"After 2-3 sessions with Eli, I went from taking daily insomnia medications for over 7 years to sleeping well and waking up restful without medication at all."

Flight Attendant

"The pain from my ripped tendon had become chronic despite a month of physiotherapy and taking anti-inflammatories. Eli Shared with me special instructions based on my condition before class. In the morning after when I woke up to a miracle: most of the pain was gone!"

Principal Project Manager

"After 5 sessions, the painful eczema rashes I struggled with for over a year almost completely resolved. I felt also transformed physically and emotionally in the most positive way I could ever imagine!"


"Thanks to Eli and Qi Breaks, I discovered my own self-healing powers! After a traumatic accident where I shattered my wrist, I advanced quickly through post-surgery physical therapy, completing FOUR MONTHS ahead of schedule. My wrist is perfect today!"

Senior Manager, Google
Hi, I'm Eli Cohen - a Medical Qi Gong Practicioner and Energy Healing Coach.  I've helped hundreds quickly eliminate chronic pain, get off Rx drugs, self-heal chronic medical conditions, and call in their life's true potential in abundance. 
You name it -- knee pain, digestive system issues, sleep disorders, bone and joint issues and even cancer -- all benefit from my powerful and effective Deep Healing Qi Gong  practices.
I used and mastered the same practices to  heal myself from years of chronic pain and digestive system issues.  Experience this same profound impact of self-healing by starting your journey with me today...
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Through my online Qi Breaks™ Online platform you'll learn the secrets to self-healing, pain management, stress reduction and higher energy levels with simple, easy-to-follow practices designed for everyone regardless of experience and age.


Suffer from a chronic health condition?  I can help through one-on-one work using my Deep Healing Qi Gong™ Method


I teach workshops and classes around the Bay Area, come join us in person!

Urgent chronic health issue?  I'll teach you one-on-one how to end it.


Our modern lives have a profound impact on our health - I was no exception...

When I was still a practicing architect I struggled for years with severe digestive issues and mysterious abdominal pain that doctors and other healing modalities I tried had no solutions for.

I took courses of different antibiotics, pain meds and others that caused even more severe symptoms on top of already debilitating pain.


My personal self-healing journey started when I discovered ancient wisdom and energy practices like Qi Gong, meditation and others at the recommendation of a friend. I quickly learned how to heal my body and resolve stressors in my life causing illness.

What I learned literally save my life.

I left Architecture to live my calling --  to make this technology and information easily accessible, and share it with as many people as possible to help others heal themselves too!

Qi With Eli is a Social Corporation and cares deeply about the promotion self-awareness through social action in our world.  

A portion of all profits go to mindfulness-focused, non-profits.



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