Episode 59 - Calling Energy Back for Change

Our life today is similar to our life two weeks ago in terms of our sleep pattern, eating habits, energy levels, thought pattern, etc...

What would it take to change the status quo in order to have a calmer day, a more creative one, deeper sleep and a more energetic life? 

When we are going through our day, our brain is in auto-pilot, processing information based on its ingrained habit patterns. The brain in the default state is -- what we call in Western science -- in high Beta waves. As we experience a mild chronic stress throughout the day we are in no place to change our routine and thinking outside of the box is somewhat limited. 

In order to 'call back your original Qi/energy' and create a sustainable change to your livelihood, you need to do two things: 

1. Create more energetic space: get out of the Beta brain wave state at least once every day. This will get you out of that mild stress and bring you into the present moment. When you're not in Beta brain waves, you can see things in a different light (because you're not in survival mode anymore) and have the energy required for step number two. 

2. You need to actively detect when your mind is occupied with energy that is not supporting your well-being and change your habit. And then change your mind habit pattern 

There is much more to say and explain and how Qi Gong is related to all this. If you're curious, enjoy this complimentary Qi Talk! 



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