Episode 62 - About your heart health

Did you know that heart issues and heart attack is the number 'two' killer in the US? Understanding the energetic role of the heart from a Chinese Medicine perspective will help us to adopt a lifestyle that will heal and protect the most important organ in Chinese Medicine.

The heart is the fire element in Chinese Medicine. It is considered the ruler, like a benevolent and enlightened monarch it is all knowing and ever present, sharing wisdom for the good of the whole. Your Fire aspect represents fulfillment, the full extent of our expansion, personal development and maturation. The Heart also houses your spirit through the distribution of blood in the body.

The flow of blood nurtures the body and serves as a vehicle for communication. It permeates the body with consciousness sensation and feeling. When the fire in your house is balanced it will warm your house (like fire in the the fireplace). Balanced fire in the heart means your spirit is strong this reflects in a person emotional expression, presence of mind, the brightness of the eyes and the lustrous complexion. It will also reflect in high ability to focus, not to be distracted.

When fire is out of balance it will burn your house and turn things into ashes. It will dry your lungs, creates inflammation and wreak havoc. At the same time, not enough heart fire can lead you into depression. Some of the side effects of an imbalanced heart will be incessant talking, disturbing dreams, insomnia, easily overheating, hot flashes, craving stimulation, restlessness and more.

In this Qi Talk, we investigate this subject more deeply and offer methods and lifestyle practices to heal the heart!



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