Episode 63 - Qi Gong for a Healthy Heart

In summer there's an emphasis on heart health in Traditional Chinese Medicine. What does it mean and what practices (physical and mental, or as we say in Chinese Wai Dan or Nei Dan), will support a healthy heart? 

The heart is the fire element in Chinese Medicine. We want this fire to warm us up and nourish our internal organs, but too much fire will create inflammation and multiple medical problems.

Issues with the heart can be physical, like an issue of high blood pressure, low energy or multiple other heart issues. Or it could be how we process life emotionally. Different people process life events differently than others. 

Emotions like anxiety, anger and over-excitement will generate too much fire leading to  imbalanced fire condition. Indifference and depression is on the other side of the spectrum.  Can we change our emotions using certain Qi Gong techniques? 

Can we heal any physical heart issue we suffer from for a long time?

In this FREE Qi Talk we will investigate this subject more from a Qi Gong and lifestyle perspective. If you're curious to learn more, listen in!



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