Episode 49 - Three Mistakes to Avoid With New Year's Resolutions

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First off, Happy New Year! We made it...these past two years we all experienced a lot of changes and shifts in our lives based on the dramatic world changes that were happening. This is what we call: life circumstances. We have not invited these changes in, but, they appeared in our lives.

For example this pandemic, no one wanted it, but its here with all the changes that it brings. In Chinese language and culture these are times to be extra alert, cautious and at the same time creative, because there is a great opportunity to use this time to shift one's life for the better.

This is the best way to realize powerful change -- when you tune into the energy of what is going on around you connect to your true desires. This time of year in Taoism is a time for contemplation, connecting with one's truth. It is a time when we are closer to our spirit self, because Yin energy is ruling.

It is also time to store energy, go slow, self nourish by being with our loved ones. Through the process of self-reflection and self-nourishment you can find your power and desire for growth and what lies ahead. When planning a vision for who you desire to become -- or what we call today a new year's resolution -- there is a lot to be cautious of. We all know how it goes, people starting to work on their resolutions for couple of months/weeks/days and then they quit. Or they don't find happiness and satisfaction in their achievements. This topic is very big and we can't cover it all in here.

In this complimentary Qi Talk we chat about the 3 mistakes people do when deciding on a new years resolution and how to avoid them, enjoy!



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