Episode 56 - Cultivating Luck!

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be very lucky in life and others seem to have a lot of struggles? Is luck a type of energy that can be cultivated and practiced? 

Try to bring into your mind a time where you felt lucky or that things were going surprisingly well. That moment when you feel that progression and growth in your life is going in the right direction. I'll tell you a secret -- it really didn't come out of the blue and you and your energy had everything to do with it!

Luck is a type of Qi that can be cultivated, understood and practiced. In fact it's a huge subject underlining our aspirations, desires, reactions and expectations.

One thing I know for sure is when I started to practice Qi Gong and Meditation regularly things in my life started to go more smoothly with less effort. It seems like my heart wishes and desired are finally being heard by 'someone'. Blessings and gifts started to show up for me. We are the ones that can open the door into our own luck or be the obstacle from allowing blessings to come into our lives. 

Your own openness to what you want and bringing it into your life also relates to the smoothness of Qi that runs in your mind and body. That's the job of the liver -- the organ that is related to the Spring season. 

In this Qi Talk Podcast we will chat about how to be more lucky in life and how you can intentionally cultivate LUCK!



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