Episode 51 - Attracting Good Qi

Since I just came back from a vacation where I was surrounded by nature all of the time, I wanted to talk about an interesting Taoist practice that is very healing. This one very interesting practice is about enhancing life and your energy level, and has to do with absorbing Qi from the environment. Does this sound weird? Can you imagine if you could tap into the energy of the sun or the ocean? We are always surrounded with abundant of energy, yet often feel isolated and separated from nature. At the same time, we do sometimes feel the energy of our surroundings. Remember a place where you felt good or other places that felt not nourishing to you. Like maybe a beautiful plaza in the center of town where you felt good or on a top of a hill where you felt energized. In this Qi Talk we will chat about how to start the process of this ancient practice of harnessing energy from nature as a way of creating stronger mind body and spirit!



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