Episode 52 - What makes Qi Gong movements healing?

Have you ever wondered why the movement of Qi Gong are so good for you and elicits such a strong healing response? I remember my first introduction to Qi Gong, I was participating in a day long workshop and before we started the teacher invited some members from the crowd that were practicing Qi Gong for awhile and they shared their healing stories. I won't forget the woman that had stage 4 cancer who doctors gave 6 months to live -- and in three months of a certain Qi Gong practice she healed three months, and COMPLETELY! There were many other stories similar to this. I was beyond intrigued and looked forward to understanding what creates such a strong healing response? My journey began! Do you know why Qi Gong and no other forms of movement creates such a big impact on our health? What it is in the practice that we can associate with what seems like miraculous healing? In this Qi Talk we will chat about the elements in our practice that are associated with this healing response!



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