Episode 50 - How to Make New Year's Resolutions not Boring

NOTE: We have a workshop coming up on January 23rd titled Hard-wire Change for 2022, which will help you focus on manifesting what you want to see in your life. Click here to learn more!

Last week we had a great Qi Talk about the mistakes people make with New Year's resolutions. Gearing up for my upcoming workshop on how to manifest what you want to see in your life, I think it's important to understand the difference between Manifesting and New Year's resolutions.

And here may be the secret of how not to lose steam on your New Year's resolution.   Do you find the New Year's resolutions boring or not exciting after few months or even weeks? Would you like to not lose steam so quickly?   

The secret lies in the difference between these two terms. It is related to the heart energy.  Try to close your eyes and dream of where you'd like to be right now. Where -- in this moment --- will you feel good, joyful, happy and playful?  You see, dreams shouldn't be boring and working to get them should be joyful too! How do we go about it?   

In this Qi Talk we chat about the difference between New Year resolution and Manifesting your dreams.



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