Episode 47 - Liberate Yourself From Difficult Situations

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It's been raining a lot in Northern California over the last few days. We need this water as we are in a severe drought. What can water  teach us about problem solving and living a more meaningful life?

In Chinese Medicine, water is one of the five elements that all things are made out of. Our body is at least 70% water. Water symbolizes relaxation and calm -- think about how you feel when looking at the ocean waves or even just showering.

Water is the most powerful element, moreso than fire -- water puts down fire. It corrodes iron until crumbles to dust. It washes away earth and finds it's way through rocks and saturates the atmosphere so that winds die. Water conquers by yielding, it never attacks, but always wins the last battle. The man that embraces the qualities of water is distinguished for his humility, he acts from a place of non-action and conquers the world. 

What qualities of water one can embrace to succeed and change the outcome of life circumstances? This Qi Talk focuses on on how to liberate ourselves from the old patten of thinking/feeling  through the energy of water.



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