Awaken The Healer Within - Qi With Eli

Awaken The Healer Within - Qi With Eli

Hosted by: Eli Cohen

This is a weekly podcast from Master Eli Cohen discussing Qi Gong and how to apply it to your life.

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Episode 46 - Strength in Wintertime

This Week's Special Offer (click here): 50% off of Healthy Spine and Lower Back One Hour Healing Session! This amazing healing practice set is designed to promote movement in your spine and heal your lower back, while...
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Episode 45 - Managing Your Energy

Last week we had a very powerful and engaging Qi Talk about the breath. I was impressed with all of the questions asked and decided to devote another talk to this VERY important subject. Like we said before, from all...
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Episode 44 - Building Strong Guardian Qi Part 4

Do you know which organ in your body is housing the most healing powers? and how to strengthen it? In this Qi Talk we go over one final aspect of Wei Qi (Guardian Qi) boosting and summarize this topic related to...
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Episode 43 - Preparing for Cold and Flu Season With Strong Wei Qi

In transition season, Spring and Fall the body adjusts to different atmospheric values, like temperature, pressure, wind, oxygen levels, pollen and so much more. Specially in Fall season we want to strengthen our...
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Episode 42 - Smooth Transitions for a Healthy Life

Transitions are times where energy can get stuck or stagnant -- especially here in the Northern Hemisphere Fall season. Think about transition between work and being home with your loved ones. Do you take stress from...
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Episode 41 - Changing your personality

Last week we laid out the three keys to change mind patterns (a.k.a. Your Personality) and this so heavily influences your health, happiness and longevity. This week we will go into Part 2 of this discussion -- how to...
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Episode 40 - How to Live Longer!

What is the first question any Chinese doctor will ask you when you visit them with any health issue? (more and more western doctors now will ask you that too)? How's your sleep? Remember those days when you were...
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Episode 39 - Creating Sustainable Life change

How can we get out of our habits? Change our old routines? How can we secure the future we wish for? Well, in Qi Gong we say that you are creating your future every second of the day. By the thoughts and emotions...
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Episode 38 - Positivity Throughout Your Day

Do you know how many thoughts you are thinking every day? Research found that every day an average person has over 70,000 thoughts! What is even more interesting is that 85% of an average person's thoughts are...
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Episode 37 - The Secret to Happiness in Qi Gong

Episode #39

What is the quality of your energy? In Chinese Medicine we often talk not only about how much energy you have but also the quality and the type of one's life force energy. We all want a lot of energy, but, a good,...
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Episode 36 - Transforming struggles into blessings

Episode #38

Our modern life is full of challenges and moments of frustration, judgement or misunderstanding. No one likes that feeling of chaos or un-clarity. Sometimes our struggles lead to growth and expansion and sometimes to...
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Episode 35 - Building Your Energy Reservoir

Episode #37

You know the feeling of starting your day and feeling like you carry heavy weight with you -- the muscles are sore, your head is not clear, and all you want is just to rest? Your body is a marvelous factory of energy...
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