Episode 43 - Preparing for Cold and Flu Season With Strong Wei Qi

In transition season, Spring and Fall the body adjusts to different atmospheric values, like temperature, pressure, wind, oxygen levels, pollen and so much more. Specially in Fall season we want to strengthen our guardian Qi (Wei Qi) to combat colds and flu. How can you strengthen your internal resistance to outside pathogens? Qi Gong practitioners and yogis show us that there are natural ways in which we can do that. I clearly remember how my own health level changed after starting to practice these Wei Qi -- or Guardian Qi -- practices. Some of these practices I am sharing on our Thursday classes at noon throughout the Fall season - see my website for more information Qiwitheli dot com. In this FREE Qi Talk I will share some techniques and tips to support your health in this fall season transitioning into winter stronger and with good health. For those of you who are serious about learning a powerful Taoist protocol specifically designed for bulletproofing your immune system there's a special offer just for you in this recording!



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