Episode 37 - The Secret to Happiness in Qi Gong

Episode #39

What is the quality of your energy? In Chinese Medicine we often talk not only about how much energy you have but also the quality and the type of one's life force energy. We all want a lot of energy, but, a good, balanced type of energy. Many studies conducted in communities around the world also known as "The Blue Zones". These are clusters of areas where people live a very long and consistently happy life. They have discovered that life direction or an overall purpose in life plays a major role in your health and longevity. Do you know that feeling that you are feeling vital and happy doing something you love? It has nothing to do with your job or financial goals. It is "That which makes life worth living"... What is it for you? In Chinese Medicine the Heart holds the connection to one's purpose and meaning in life. How can you be closer to yourself? This week we focus on listening to your heart and being connected to your purpose!



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