Episode 38 - Positivity Throughout Your Day

Do you know how many thoughts you are thinking every day? Research found that every day an average person has over 70,000 thoughts! What is even more interesting is that 85% of an average person's thoughts are fear-based and negative.

Self-criticism, anger, jealousy and fear are the most common themes. Buddhists say that the root of this comes from the misconception that equates 'having' with 'being'. Scientists say that this is an evolutionary mechanism that allowed our ancestors to look out for danger and survive. Living in fear of being eaten, back in the days when there was a constant survival threat, payed off.

We know that negative thoughts are not good for health, healing, creativity, self confidence and living a happy long life. So how to go about it? Can we change the way we are built? In this Qi Talk we discover one special easy practice cherished in eastern cultures that can answer that.



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