Episode 44 - Building Strong Guardian Qi Part 4

Do you know which organ in your body is housing the most healing powers? and how to strengthen it?

In this Qi Talk we go over one final aspect of Wei Qi (Guardian Qi) boosting and summarize this topic related to bulletproofing our immune system.

This last talk in a four-part series on immunity relates to a special internal organ that has a lot to do with your healing power. Our kidneys! 

When you're sick laying in bed, the kidneys are the one to slowly wake up, like a quiet giant inside of you and take things under control. Your ability to heal slow or fast depends on how much energy is in your kidneys.

We will talk about strengthening immunity by understanding how Qi Gong and how Chinese Medicine sees Health and Well-being through the kidney system. 

How can we support our kidney function and what depletes it? 

In addition to learning through this Qi Talk, the best way to practice "Immune system strengthening" is to come to Thursday noon class or practice with the recording. Thursday class at noon PDT throughout the Fall season.



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