Episode 42 - Smooth Transitions for a Healthy Life

Transitions are times where energy can get stuck or stagnant -- especially here in the Northern Hemisphere Fall season. Think about transition between work and being home with your loved ones. Do you take stress from work life into your relationship? Transitioning between day and night is also a time that may be challenging to some.

The difficulty to "turn the mind off" and sleep soundly. Recently, with the new Pandemic reality lots of people work from home too. There are recent studies confirming that wellbeing is in decline for most who work from home. The boundaries starting to blend between work and personal life. Staring at the computer more hours a day where even a meeting is done through the computer.

In this Qi Talk I will share simple energy techniques you can do for 2-3 minutes to be better in creating transitions and living a healthier life. We are also going to talk about how the special Qi Gong for Lungs, Immune System and Stress Relief sequence we started in our online classes helps us with this!



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