Episode 36 - Transforming struggles into blessings

Episode #38

Our modern life is full of challenges and moments of frustration, judgement or misunderstanding. No one likes that feeling of chaos or un-clarity. Sometimes our struggles lead to growth and expansion and sometimes to contraction and caving in. Is there a way to secure growth and winning at all times? 

From the Qi Gong point of view; life is cyclical, day and night, bright and dark, full and empty, chaos and clear, two sides which play the game of our daily experience which known also as yin and yang. They transform into each other and they are essential to the flow of energy. YES! That sense of energy we all seek. 

How can we embrace and trust this process?

In this Qi Talk talk (the 2nd out of this series of 5 talks addressing the subject of energy depletion) I'm going to talk about how to turn a rocky road into a magnificent flight. And downfalls into opportunities. 



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