Episode 40 - How to Live Longer!

What is the first question any Chinese doctor will ask you when you visit them with any health issue? (more and more western doctors now will ask you that too)?

How's your sleep?

Remember those days when you were young and your sleep was so deep that even the voice of your mother calling your name did not wake you up?

What top sleep researchers are finding today that insufficient sleep (7-9 hours) a night, will not only affect your energy levels, focus, creativity and memory function, it will also age you much faster! For example, your immune system shuts a staggering 70% of its activity with less than 6 hours of sleep. Those are the same cells that fighting cancer tumors and other diseases...

The link between cancer and sleep is so strong nowadays that the World Health Organization declared any night shift job as a probable carcinogen. Without a consistent good night's sleep, digestion function will suffer, your heart will be at risk and your hormone system will get out of balance. In fact, for men testosterone level drop by half (!) with less than 6 hours of sleep.

We also know now that sleep medications and alcohol causes even more harm as they don't allow the brain to go into the deep sleep stage which is essential for your brain and body to recuperate. In Chinese Medicine, we look at sleep from a different lens and we heal sleep imbalance naturally.

I worked with quite a few cases of insomnia with great success in my private practice. Even though getting back into childhood deep sleep sounds so far to you or elusive. It is within reach. In this Qi Talk we discover how we see sleep in Chinese Medicine and how to restore a good night's sleep!



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