Episode 39 - Creating Sustainable Life change

How can we get out of our habits? Change our old routines? How can we secure the future we wish for?

Well, in Qi Gong we say that you are creating your future every second of the day. By the thoughts and emotions your mind is producing. Don't get me wrong, of course we cannot control outside circumstances. But, the way we respond to life's events will determine our future.

More than this, the way we FEEL about the future, will shape it for us, most certainly. So how come there are things I want in life that I don't get, and old habits that I struggle changing? The way that we react to life is usually the work of the subconscious mind. In other words, we are running on Auto-pilot 96% of the time. And this is a good thing! Otherwise, you would have had to learn how to drive every-time you get into the car.

You'd have to re-learn things that you already know. But, on the flip side (remember there's yin and yang), today you are creating what you created yesterday. And this why people creating the same relationships, similar job situations they have in the past ... in the future. They feel stuck in a pattern!

So, how can we override the subconscious mind when we need to? One of the most powerful tools in Qi Gong practice is what we call Nei Gong (internal practice i.e. thoughts, breath, emotions) that is paired with with Wai Gong (external practice, i.e. the physical movement of your body). We can tap into the power of re-shaping our future by working with Nei Gong and the heart.

In this Qi Talk we discover how we can mainfest into our life what we want with the idea of Wu-Wei (effortlessness) in Chinese Medicine!



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