Episode 55 - Spring and Yang Energy

How are you feeling lately? Are you feeling more energetic or there are more health problems coming up to the surface? 

Springtime can bring both...

@hat are the  healthiest practices this season to keep healthy? This is the subject of tomorrow's complimentary Qi Talk!

Spring days are called Fa-Chen, meaning: to emit, to release, to give birth to, to aim and give away. An outward movement, so to speak.

It is time to be gradually more active, physically and intentionally mentally. Yet, relaxed, not tense or stressed. It is very healthy during this time of year to start take action toward our goals and our vision to our future selves. This will be very healthy for the liver! 

As good as we nourished our kidneys in the winter, our liver -- the active organ of the spring -- will be strong and protect us in the Spring. 

The active organ pair this season is the liver and gallbladder. Which means that we have to protect them this season.

Physically, the liver protects our eyesight, our tendons and ligaments. It helps with blood flow and digestion. Spiritually, the liver helps with mental clarity towards our direction in life while giving us mental flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.  

Problems with liver will be associated with eyesight problems, migraines, stiffness, change resistance, being short tempered, angry and moody. 

In this complimentary Qi Talk we chat about what practices will support a healthy liver and a smooth healthy transition between Winter to Spring! 



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