Episode 54 - How to improve your Qi in times of turmoil

Sometimes world events can take an emotional and energetic toll on your health and well being. This one is sneaky! Even just getting upset while reading the news can be draining energetically, no matter what your viewpoint is.

It's not bad to feel anger or sadness over things that are happening. But, we need to know how to transform that negativity! Otherwise we create internal stagnation. 

In Taoist thinking, yin and yang are always in state of flow and transformation. Flowers can't grow and bloom without the storm that came before. Peace is achieved after we learn the heavy price of war. Happiness cannot be experienced if we don't know what sadness is. Chaos will always bring new calm and order.

That's how things flow into each other. And will continue to do that in all aspects of life. The question is how do we become masters at transforming energy! 

When we are in resistance to what comes our way we are not allowing this natural transformation to occur. This is about understanding how to improve the quality of your Qi which is related to your emotional state. 

How to get into calm from chaos! Working on the three factors in Qi gong practice is what we discuss in my FREE Qi Talk! 



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