Episode 58 - Six Habits of Highly Successful (Qi Gong) People

You don't have to be a health fanatic to be healthy happy and successful.  You can set yourself up with just a few habits to ensure a healthy long life! 

According to research few of the most important things to incorporate in your life to ensure this: healthy sleep, reduce stress and a solid morning routine. 

The interesting thing is that when we have a good solid morning routine, it allows you to take this energy into a day full of energy and positivism. If you go to bed feeling accomplished and content, your sleep is going to be healthy as well.

The morning is the birth of the day and like a birth of a baby where the first few years are most important to the character and health of the child, the first hour in the morning will determine the flow of the day.

So what are the Six Steps for a solid morning routine through which you can experience energy and positiveness the whole day (even if you woke up grumpy)?  :) 

Before I reveal them, let me just say that a morning routine can take between 5 minutes and one hour, and it really depends on the person and how much time you have. It can fluctuate in terms of the time allocation, but keeping it close to the same amount of time, daily is best. 

1. Breath 

2. Presence

3. Water 

4. Movement

5. Visualizations 

6. Inspiration

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