Personal Resilience Course

Get massive personal health and success breakthroughs 

Ignite calm and confidence: learn why  we feel anxious … and how to transform it quickly to calm and confidence

Master the ancient, proven 3 chamber 'Longevity Breathing' technique to rewire your immune system for good

Regulate hormonal balance, eradicate the 'stress response', reduce pain, effortlessly improve digestion

Experience high levels of energy, confidence and calm every day!

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Due to the current situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we are lowering the prices for our online courses indefinitely, to make Qi With Eli teachings more accessible for all.  See course pricing for details below.

12 week program in two modules, 6 week each


Learn Online in Powerful Community and Qi Field at Home
  • Weekly 90-min group LIVE Zoom calls with Eli, Wednesday 5-6:30PM, PDT
  • Weekly small group Zoom support calls
  • Powerful home energy practices, 30-60 minute daily commitment to rewire body-brain connection
  • Lifetime access to downloadable course materials (recorded audio and video files)
  • Downloadable and printable class handouts for every class
  • All video calls recorded and downloadable
  • Simple step-by-step mind-body practices
  • High-caliber coaching and a deeply supportive community
  • BONUS: Private practitioner online community to post and share progress and get support
  • BONUS: Recordings of all practices to practice during the week and after the program at home
Early Sign-Up Bonuses (Full Program ONLY - Levels 1 & 2)
  • BONUS: Resilience With Qi Online Program included for you to get started IMMEDIATELY
  • BONUS: 30 day free access to my online learning platform, Qi Breaks
  • BONUS: Access to my three-hour, incredibly effective Qi Gong for Healthy Sleep Online Workshop
Pricing Info

Module I - Coming Fall 2020

Level 1 - Breath

Master an ancient, proven 'Longevity Breathing' technique (level 1) to rewire your immune system for good

  • Three hour, step-by-step LIVE guidance with Eli on three levels of Guardian Energy (Wei Qi) Breath technique, tonifying liver, spleen and kidneys.
  • Be able to kick-off colds, flus and feel supercharged with vital force through this unique and esoteric breathing technique
  • Learn the Three Sound Healing Technique to tonify the three aspect of each organ
  • High quality video recording of each step of the process for home practice (downloadable)

Level 1 - Mind

Regulate nervous system with internal and external practices -- shift your energy state in minutes

  • Discover and practice how to develop higher sensitivity to your psyche through your body with powerful Self-Inquiry Journey Method
  • Learn and Practice the three levels of 'listening' daily to develop internal wisdom of self and others
  • Emotions as energy - learn powerful emotional transformational skills and integrate them into your life
  • Discover how to eradicate the 'stress response', with a systematic step-by-step very accessible teaching

Level 1 - Movement

Learn to build your own Qi Gong Routine with the Four Stages of Qi Gong Practice (level 1)

  • Learn bio-energetic movements for each emotion. Fear, Worry, Anxiety, grief, Anger
  • What movement reduces pain and support the joints. What movement calms the mind and build vitality. Which can be practice for creativity
  • Learn how to build your own movement sequence based on your condition using the four stages of Qi Gong practice
  • Recorded high quality videos for each stage for home practice (downloadable) 
  • BONUS Materials for early sign-ups

Module II - Coming Fall 2020

Level 2 - Breath

Practice and Master The Integrated Wei Qi Breathing Technique 

  • Three hours of step-by-step LIVE class guidance with Eli into this esoteric breath technique (Level 1 Three Chamber Breathing is a prerequisite)
  • High Quality Video Recording (downloadable) for home use 
  • Dan Tien empowerment meditation

Level 2 - Mind

Healing Light - Intro (level 1)

  • Heavenly Essence Energy - how to align body and mind to connect with HEE to manifest healing & success in your life
  • Powerful Medical Qi Gong practice for manifesting
  • Learn a technique to elicit Gamma and Theta Brain waves
  • Special practice Primordial Light Meditation (downloadable)

Level 2 - Movement

Integrate the three most powerful mind-body tools for personal excellence and growth

  • Discover how to raise your confidence, self-trust, and boost overall happiness levels naturally -- regardless of circumstances -- by igniting your three-heart-gems naturally

  • Practice The Full Arc of Energetic Self-Transformation in a group and by yourself

  • Cultivate a strong energy flow while strengthening the physical body and enhancing mental clarity

  • Choose a project you'd like to manifest and give it birth with the powerful tools you'll learn

Pricing Info

Program Graduate Testimonials

Beth Greer

Author and Environmental Educator

"Eli is a brilliant healer and knowledgeable expert. His insights and teachings have helped me immensely. During the program I learned the profound importance of breathing correctly. I use his techniques daily and feel more relaxed and also have a greater lung capacity, which I know is beneficial for my body and mind."

Jason Dale-Pierce


"Learning a new way of how to listen to my mind and body and bring it into balance was my biggest accomplishment"





Mason Smith


"My biggest success was the experiential understanding that I am in control of my day and my outlook.
I create the world I want to live in, and with a few exercises every day, I can cultivate a life of love and joy, peace and calm, strength and vitality."



Personal Resilience Online Course Pricing

Module I

COVID-19 Price

$1291 $597

($797 with one 1-1 coaching session)

Discover Emotional Resilience, new levels of internal peace and introduction to Immune Boosting Breathing (Level 1)

  • Master three Chamber Breathing to rewire immunity and tonify Liver, Stomach, Kidney - Level 1
  • Learn how to build your own Qi Gong Routine - Level 1
  • Regulate hormone balance, internal and external practices to shift your energy state in minutes
  • Learn powerful emotional transformational skills and integrate them into your life
  • $100 discount off 1-1 coaching hourly rate - highly suggested to get full benefit

Buy Now - Level 1 WITHOUT 1-1 coaching ($597)


REGISTRATION CLOSED - With Coaching ($797)

Entire Course (Modules I + II)

COVID-19 Price

$2109 $997

($1397 with two 1-1 coaching sessions)

Master Level 1, PLUS...

Discover ways to supercharge your energy, reach new levels of happiness and master Immune Boosting Breathing

  • Learn and Master The Integrated Wei Qi Breathing technique
  • Practice the full Arc of Energetic Self- Transformation
  • Healing Light (Heavenly Essence Energy) Attunement - Level 1
  • Integrate the 3 most powerful mind tools for personal excellence and growth
  • Deeply discounted rate, combining both levels 1 and 2
  • Full integration of all practices between Levels 1 and 2
  • More time to deeply discover and learn all practices that I don't teach in my regular classes!
  • More combined time in community and sharing powerful Qi Field with other practitioners
  • BONUS: Resilience With Qi Online Program
  • BONUS: 30 day free access to my online learning platform, Qi Breaks
  • BONUS: Access to my three-hour, incredibly effective Qi Gong for Healthy Sleep Online Workshop

Buy Now - Level 1+2 WITHOUT 1-1 coaching ($997)


REGISTRATION CLOSED - Level 1+2 WITH Coaching ($1397)


Eli is a Medical Qi Gong Practicioner and Energy Healing Coach.  He's taught hundreds of classes and has helped many one-on-one clients heal themselves, finding their path to health, peace and vitality.  For more information  click here!