Awaken the Healer Within - Episode 24 - Energetic Frequencies in Healing Part 2

Mar 01, 2021

Last week we started a discussion in our Tuesday Qi Talk and our weekly online classes about the frequencies of healing energy.  Invisible energy that we cultivate within us and connect to outside of us has a profound impact on our health and healing.

It is possible to change your internal energetic frequency through cultivating Qi practices that have been practiced for thousands of years.  Especially in the times of the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine and complimentry Medical Qi Gong we discovered that tuning these frequencies is not only possible, but it's also possible to amplify them.  The connection to your emotions and energetic state are profound and malleable depending on what you are focusing on in your life.  What are you culativating?

Enjoy this Qi Talk from Dec 1!

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