Adam - Engineering Manager, Google, - San Rafael, CA

I've been practicing Qi Gong with Eli since 2008 twice a week in Sausalito and San Francisco. I've developed my own healing abilities using the La Qi Healing Qi Gong practice that Eli teaches, based on practices from China's foremost Qi Gong Hospitals. In 2014 I had a very serious snowboarding accident where I landed on my right wrist and it literally shattered. My injury was affectionately referred to as the 'dinner fork' injury, which was the shape my wrist took (I'll spare you the gory details). After a 6-hour surgery, plates, screws, etc... with Tommy Moe's surgeon I was put back together and started the lengthy road to recovery.

When I got home I immediately started practicing Qi Gong. La Qi combined with liver, immune, lung and kidney support exercises combined with bone breathing exercises that Eli put together for me. I practiced at least three times a day for 20 minutes each time.

My first visit to my local doctor was filled with comments about how he couldn't believe how quickly I had progressed in just three short weeks. He scheduled me for my pin removal and physical therapy.

In the end, thanks to Eli's teachings and my own self-healing powers I finished physical therapy FOUR MONTHS ahead of schedule. My wrist is perfect today (aside from an occasional 'the weather is changing' feeling). I've applied the same practices to other ailments (like lower back pain, common cold, a fractured finger, a very bruised stubbed toe) with the same affect.

Not only will you LOVE Eli, you'll LOVE his teachings! Practice regularly and you'll see!!