Below are some resources to get you inspired about Qi Gong in different forms and the connection between body and mind. Enjoy!


This video is a beautiful example of the connection between our heart's intention and our thoughts' impact on matter -- in this case water. If you think about our body's 70% water composition, you'll quickly understand the connection between intention and our bodies.

Forest bathing—basically just being in the presence of trees—became part of a national public health program in Japan in 1982 when the forestry ministry coined the phrase shinrin-yoku and promoted topiary as therapy.

From 2004 to 2012, Japanese officials spent about $4 million dollarsstudying the physiological and psychological effects of forest bathing, designating 48 therapy trails based on the results. Qing Li, a professor at Nippon Medical School in Tokyo, measured the activity of human natural killer (NK) cells in the immune system before and after exposure to the woods. These cells provide rapid responses to viral-infected cells and respond to tumor formation, and are associated with immune system health and cancer prevention. In a 2009 study Li’s subjects showed significant increases in NK cell activity in the week after a forest visit, and positive effects lasted a month following each weekend in the woods.