Winter Qi Breaks

Water Element - Kidneys

Kidney/Bladder System, Ears and Inner Ear, Sexual Secretions, Brain, Spinal Cord and Fluid, Bones

...for being Lean, Dense and Strong


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Winter is the season when the energy of the kidney is active. The kidney is vital in detoxifying the body, regulating the quantity and pressure of sexual and spinal cord fluid and vital Qi and governs the consistency of our energy.

Kidney governs our vitality through reproductive organs sexual secretions.


When the kidney energy is imbalanced the body does not feel vital:

  • PHYSICAL - Headache above eyes and ears,, joint and muscle rigidity, lack of stamina, infertility, loss of libido, chilliness, backache, hardening of the arteries, hypersensitive vision and hearing, lack of sweat and urine, kidney and bladder stones, precocious sexuality, weak digestion, constipation, hypertension, dulled vision or hearing, ringing in ears, cold legs and feet, loss of appetite, memory issues, issues with reproductive organs
  • EMOTIONAL - Inaccessible, Undemonstrative, Disconnected
  • BEHAVIORAL / SPIRITUAL - Lonely, Tactless, Unforgiving, Suspicious, Isolated, Blunt, Penetrating, Detached, Scrutinizing, Eccentric, Demanding, Covetous, Cynical, Preoccupied, Sarcastic, Voyeuristic, Fanciful, Phobic, Fussy, Miserly, Absent-Minded


Balanced water energy touches everything it comes into contact with, inspiring those around with its mysterious anonymity. It’s as if no one even noticed that water had fed them, but suddenly wood is growing, metal is cool, fire is contained, and earth is nourished. Water seeks knowledge and loves to understand, thriving on the curiosities abound. A river that follows the riverbed knows its path thus it’s important to stay the course, or at least notice it. At the same time, when water is exposed to too much cold, it will freeze. Self-awareness is key to a balanced water element. With its sensitive and intuitive nature, water must pay attention to the energy that surrounds it, for it takes a piece of everything it touches, while at the same time risking openness, softness, contact, and attachment.

  • PHYSICAL - Lean, dense, strong
  • EMOTIONAL - Sensitive, Perceptive, Intuitive, Emotionally Resilient
  • BEHAVIORAL / SPIRITUAL - Imaginative, Lucid, Curious, Modest, Introspective, Clever, Retentive, Reflective, Regenerative, Candid, Watchful, Objective, Ingenious, Careful, Particular, Thrifty, Sensible, Self-contained, Self-sufficient, Resilient, Able, Penetrating, Enigmatic

Qi Breaks™ - Daily Short Routines

  1. Practice weekly Qi Break sequences daily - These are designed to loosen tightness in and around the joints and focused on cultivating resilience, which is the combination of being flexible and strong. A combination of stretches and circular movements that incorporate balancing and twisting helping purge, detox and cultivate strength. Flow practices, taoist meditations and sound healing specifically for spring help release stress or anger break tension and tightness from the body and mind.
  2. Be active - Physical activity, hike, dance, work out in nature specifically, forests or sunny places helps the liver rebalance.
  3. Eat Grains, Root Veggies, Dark Leafy Greeens, Citrus- Eating seasonal, organic and locally grown foods are always beneficial and in winter time you should eat warming foods like soups made with hearty vegetables or thick stocks made from bones. Eat a good variety of these foods. Eat them raw or steamed or lightly sautéed or stir fried.
  4. Be positive - Break through obstacles of the past and confinements of old thoughts and beliefs. Create a vision for your new self that you’d like to grow into, see the bigger picture and take actions towards it.

Special Notice: Below is a sample of the Qi Breaks we practice in the Autumn - the best and most powerful Qi Gong movements that support increased energy and stress release. Qi Breaks are available seasonally.

Videos below may be purchased individually outside of the current season and are available as a part of your Qi Breaks subscription in-season.

The current season and full set of associated practices may be found on the main Qi Breaks Student Access Page.

Theme: Kidney Energy Tonification

Week 1

Qi Breaks™ - Sun Returns to its Origins

Originated in the Shaolin Temple in China, this practice to induces an amazing amount of internal power and strength. It grounds the energy while nourishing Kidneys and opening the Lungs.

Theme: Kidney Tonification and Lower Back Opening

Theme: Sacral Opening

Theme: Bones and Joints (transition to Spring)

Qi Breaks™ - Full Practice Routines

For each Full Practice Routine below we recommend that you practice 2-3 times a week or on the weekend. If time is limited, practice the shorter 20-minute version. Use any combination of the 20-minute and 60-minute routines to help you meet your goal of 2-3 full Qi Gong routine practices every week!

Free, special addition in January!

February 60-minute Routine (new)

February 20-minute Routine (new)

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