Winter Qi Breaks


Water Element - Kidneys

Kidney/Bladder System, Ears, Sexual Organs and Hormones

Brain, Spinal Cord and Fluid, Bones

...for being Lean, Dense and Strong


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Winter is the season when the energy of the kidney needs to be nourished. It is time for storing energy rather than expending it. It is the most Yin of the seasons. When the weather turns cold everything in nature goes to sleep and into hibernation. Like the plants going into their roots, we sink our energy deeper inside of us. The deepest place in our body are the bones and bone marrow which is governed by the kidneys. Standing postures are considered Yin and are known to be strengthening the joints and bones. Avoid rushing, stay warm, go slow, go to bed early will help to nourish the kidneys. Water flows downward, cleanses, nourishes and calming. Our Qi Gong practice will reflect that.

Kidney Qi governs our vitality by being a reservoir of Yang Qi, balancing our modern-day world, which is very Yin. Kidney Qi is like water, flowing effortlessly, enveloping and cooling.

For more information on the Winter season, read the full Qi Breaks Winter Season handout!

Qi Breaks™ - Daily Short Routines

Theme: Kidney Energy Tonification

Week 1

Kidney Warming Flow

The kidneys are the energy reservoirs of the body, balancing Yin and Yang energy most potently. In this flow we tonify Kidney Qi in support of creating a strong energetic pathway and feed of Yang energy to replenish the body. In our modern lives, we are normally Yang deficient, so this is a powerful practice to help re-balance all of the virtues and health benefits of Yang Qi.

Week 2

Coming December 25, 2019

Week 3

Coming January 1, 2019

Theme: Kidney Tonification and Lower Back Opening

Weeks 4

Coming January 8, 2019

Week 5

Coming January 15, 2019

Week 6

Coming January 22, 2019

Theme: Sacral Opening

Week 7

Coming January 29, 2019

Week 8

Coming February 5, 2019

Week 9

Coming February 12, 2019

Theme: Bones and Joints (transition to Spring)

Week 10

Coming February 19, 2019

Week 11

Coming February 26, 2019

Week 12

Coming March 5, 2019

Qi Breaks™ - Full Practice Routines

For each Full Practice Routine below we recommend that you practice 2-3 times a week or on the weekend. If time is limited, practice the shorter 20-minute version. Use any combination of the 20-minute and 60-minute routines to help you meet your goal of 2-3 full Qi Gong routine practices every week!

A beautiful and peacefully recharging routine focused on activating Kidney Qi and nourishing Yang energy in the body.

A 20 minute version of the longer December practice to be used when you're short on time!

January 60-minute Routine

Coming soon!

January 20-minute Routine

Coming soon!

February 60-minute Routine

Comin soon!

February 20-minute Routine

Coming soon!

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