Spring Qi Breaks

Wood Element - Liver

Liver/Gallbladder System, Eyes, Tendons, Nerves, Nails

...for Strength and pioneering - healthy anger, clartity, empowerment, kindness and decisiveness


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Like a fresh blade of grass pushing through the soil in spring-time, spring symbolizes growth, transformation, bold and clear direction. Willing to take risks and acceleration towards our goals while staying supple and flexible. Understanding when it’s important to yield and retreat. After all, a flexible branch is less likely to break under pressure.

Spring is the season when the energy of the liver is active. The liver is vital in detoxifying the body, regulating the quantity and pressure of blood and Qi and governs the evenness of our emotions and consistency of behaviour.

Liver governs the tendons and ligaments small muscle that move the joints, nerves of the eyes and the genitals.


When the liver energy is imbalanced the body cannot detoxify well, which can lead to problems such as:

  • PHYSICAL - tightness in the ligaments muscles and tendons. As well as headache, chronic fatigue, allergies, anemia, skin problems, eye problems, immune deficiency and hepatitis. Migraines, Hypertension, PMS, Sexual dysfunction, Substance Abuse, Sensitivity to light or sound, Blurred vision, Tendonitis, Chronic neck/shoulder tension, Excessive Hunger
  • EMOTIONAL - Anxiety, Unhealthy anger, Frustration, Emotional volatility, Scattered
  • BEHAVIORAL / SPIRITUAL - Intensity, Greediness, Selfishness, Indecisive, Arrogance, Recklessness, Confrontational, Compulsive, Impulsive, Erratic, Devious, Controlling, Unhealthily competitive


Balanced wood energy is full of excitement, gets a new project moving, they seek healthy challenge and love to push limits, performing well under pressure, admiring speed, novelty, skill, and thriving on action and adventure. Focusing on goals and thus staying supple and flexible is of utmost importance, understanding when it’s important to yield and retreat is the energy of balanced wood energy. After all, a flexible branch is less likely to break under pressure.

  • PHYSICAL - Muscular, Strong, Performs well under pressure
  • EMOTIONAL - Healthy anger, Clear, Empowered, kindness, Decisive
  • BEHAVIORAL / SPIRITUAL - Foresight, Expansion, Resourcefulness, Adventurous, Novel, Skillful, Confident, Bold, Ambitious, Direct, Committed, Assertive, Influential, Excited, Creative, Healthily competitive

Qi Breaks™ - Daily Short Routines

  1. Practice weekly Qi Break sequences daily - These are designed to loosen tightness in and around the joints and focused on cultivating resilience, which is the combination of being flexible and strong. A combination of stretches and circular movements that incorporate balancing and twisting helping purge, detox and cultivate strength. Flow practices, taoist meditations and sound healing specifically for spring help release stress or anger break tension and tightness from the body and mind.
  2. Be active - Physical activity, hike, dance, work out in nature specifically, forests or sunny places helps the liver rebalance.
  3. Eat Greens - Eating seasonal, organic and locally grown foods are always beneficial and in spring time you should eat more green vegetables, leafy vegetables, dandelion greens, spinach, kale, leeks, asparagus, sprouts and beans and the like. Eat a good variety of these foods. Eat them raw or steamed or lightly sautéed or stir fried.
  4. Be positive - Break through obstacles of the past and confinements of old thoughts and beliefs. Create a vision for your new self that you’d like to grow into, see the bigger picture and take actions towards it.

Theme: Spiral opening of joints and energy circulation

Special Notice: Below is a sample of the Qi Breaks we practice in the Autumn - the best and most powerful Qi Gong movements that support increased energy and stress release. Qi Breaks are available seasonally.

Videos below may be purchased individually outside of the current season and are available as a part of your Qi Breaks subscription in-season.

The current season and full set of associated practices may be found on the main Qi Breaks Student Access Page.

Week 1

Butterfly Moves in its Cocoon - Part 1

This is the beginning of a six-part sequence of movements designed to open the bones and joints, and tonify Live Qi. These spiraling movements mimic the Spring transformation of the caterpillar to the butterfly and the beautiful transformation of energy that happens between Spring and Winter.

Week 2

Butterfly Moves in its Cocoon - Part 2

This is the second movement in our six-week Spring sequence. We focus here again on opening and stretching the joints of the upper body, as well as opening the sides of the body to promote movement of Liver Qi. This movement is excellent to also open the lungs, connecting Lung and Liver Qi.

Week 3

Butterfly Moves in its Cocoon Part 3

This is the third movement in our six-week Spring sequence focused on really stretching the sides of the body and tonifying Liver Qi. A great movement for releasing stress and especially anger. This week if you have time, try to combine movements 1, 2 and 3 to incorporate the practices!

Week 4

Butterfly Moves in its Cocoon Part 4

This is the fourth movement in our six-week Spring series. In this movement the butterfly moves its wings and starts to emerge from the cocoon. The movements are more graceful, strong and lateral movements. Again, tonification of Liver Qi and movement of Qi throughout the body in spiralling movements.

Week 5

Butterfly Emerges from its Cocoon Part 5

In Part 5 of our six-week series the butterfly continues to emerge from its cocoon! These movements are more focused on moving the spine in a serpentine fashion with movement of the arms. This movement helps Liver Qi move up and down through the body.

Week 6

Butterfly Flies to the Sun Part 6

In this final part of our six-week series, the butterfly spreads its wings and flies off towards the sun! The struggle and strength-building of Spring and tonification of Liver Qi over the past six weeks, when combined have a powerful effect on the body. Regulating emotion, dealing with anger, warming the body...all effects of movements that work with Liver energy. Enjoy!

Week 7

Horizontal Liver Qi

Rebalancing / Stress Clearing

This practice is very typical for Spring Qi Gong movements because of the spiralling movement, working the tendons and joints and re-balancing Liver Qi. This also will wring out tension from the mind and body at the same time with the cirucular and twisting movements. This movement is a powerful rebalancing during times of duress or high stress!

Week 8

Vertical Liver Qi Cleanse

This is the second part of the Liver Qi Cleanse practice. Clearing and cleansing your Liver Qi results in rebalancing the entire body's energy pathways. If you're feeling frustrated, angry, tired or mentally agitated this and the other Liver Qi balancing practices will bring you back to center and help provide clarity!

Week 9

Liver Meditation

In this practice we focus on a powerful meditation technique designed to bring powerful healing into the body, release tension and stress. This practice is especially powerful to do before going to bed to calm the mind and body, and to help with insomnia.

Week 10

Medical Qi Gong Liver Cooling

Balancing not just Liver energy, but also beginning to work with the Heart and Gall Bladder meridians by using the hands to heal. When these are in-balance, the body spontaneously releases stress and anxiety. The practice ends with a powerful visualization and sound healing meditation leveraging the visualized color green (color of Liver energy / aura).

Week 11

Liver Qi Full Body Flow

This flow sequence is designed to help you move energy in the body. We focus here first on spinal movement near the sacrum. Opening this area helps Liver Qi flow throughout the body, unblocking the connective energy pathways. A beautifully relaxing movement!

Week 12

Qi Gong for Healthy Sleep

In this sequence we focus on a longer practice that is designed to bring energy to the body for sleep. This is one of the most important elements to having healthy, restful sleep - you never want to go to bed tired.

Practice this before bed and see how much better you sleep! Recommended every night.

Qi Breaks™ - Full Practice Routines

For each Full Practice Routine below we recommend that you practice 2-3 times a week or on the weekend. If time is limited, practice the shorter 20-minute version. Use any combination of the 20-minute and 60-minute routines to help you meet your goal of 2-3 full Qi Gong routine practices every week!

We start this practice by opening different joints and bones and stretching the body. Then we move on to more joint-focused movements to increase synovial fluid and end with a beautiful meditation and Qi tonification exercise.

In this 20-minute practice we cover a full set of movements focused on opening joints and bones, opening Liver Qi, stretching.

In this 1-hour practice we cover a full range of Spring movements. We start by opening different joints and bones, stretch the body, incorporate some strength conditioning and end with a really beautiful meditation. Enjoy!

In this 20-minute practice we cover a full set of movements focused on opening joints and bones, opening Liver Qi, stretching.

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