Qi Breaks™

Qi Gong for Bones and Joints

Promote flexibility and strength in your bones and joints!


Through this special Qi Gong practice you'll:

  • Increase your bone density
  • Gain flexibility
  • Alleviate pain without drugs
  • Increase joint mobility
  • Get more energy!

I struggled with joint pain for years...

As an active person I struggled with joint pain, especially in my knees for years. Doctors suggested the usual things like pain medicine and surgery to repair a torn meniscus, but I knew there had to be a better and easier way. Through daily practice, using the Qi Gong movements and meditation in this video I was able to heal my knees that had hurt for two years in about five months! I continue these practices to this day and now live pain free, have more strength and more mobility in my joints.

I studied and designed this powerful and healing Qi Gong routine to specifically help my own body heal, so I know they work! I've also worked with others who have arthritis, joint pain in many different joints, knee issues, frozen shoulder/general shoulder problems, ankle pain, osteoporosis and many other issues with these same practices. All realized amazing and fast healing and results that they had been unable to achieve on their own by developing a daily routine based on this video.

How will you get the results you want?

In ancient Qi Gong wisdom, the bones and joints lose vital life force energy over time that results in stiffness if you don't take care of your bones and joints through movement.

The biggest myth to working with bone and joint issues is that you have to get surgery, take medicines with terrible side effects or -- even worse -- be permanently immobilized. The biggest mistake people make is declaring defeat and accepting that you're handicapped or immobilized without trying to do something about it!

The secret to all of this is simple - start with slow, gentle movements daily and gradually work your way towards strength over time and the body will heal itself!

The gentle practice of Qi Gong has been around for thousands of years and the practice set in this video is designed to regenerate the body's own natural lubricants that make joints more supple and youthful.

In this routine we focus on rejuvenating the spine, shoulders, elbows and wrists, hips, knees, ankles and bones throughout the body.

Get video now for $34.97

Think of the money you've spent to-date on trying to heal your bones and joints - it's likely hundreds if not thousands of dollars! What I'm offering you is a path to healing for less than the cost of a tank of gas. I want you to heal, I want you to feel good and I want you to be able to do what you want to do when you want to do it. Won't you start today on your own path to healing like I did over ten years ago?

Join me today and realize your own pain-free, flexible, strong body!

What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is a proven, ancient Chinese mind, body and energy practice that accomplishes all of these things and more through specific movement, visualization and internal energy manipulation:

  • Healing yourself when you fall ill
  • Improving your strength and flexibility
  • Finding inner-peace
  • Increasing your vitality and energy

Learning Qi Gong is incredibly easy and now you can practice from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are!

Qi Gong is especailly beneficial for healing chronic conditions, like knee pain!

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