Late Summer Qi Breaks

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Earth Element - Digestive System

Spleen/Stomach System, Mouth, Eyelids, Muscles, Lymphs, Saliva

...a dense, grounded stature and a warm heart...taking charge and insisting upon loyalty

Like our strong and sturdy mother, Earth supports us all.

It is characterized by a dense, grounded stature and a warm heart. It is able to hold up the entire group, taking charge and insisting upon loyalty. It feels secure, accommodating, joins others together, then stands back to enjoy the fruit of its labors.

Earth has the ability to be provide a safe space for us all, to create the feeling of harmony. The power of Earth comes from its abundant resources - knowing just what to do and when to do it.

The time of Earth is marked by the period between Summer and Autumn, a time of peace and balance, when all is well, the harvest has not yet come, but the growth cycle is complete. It is mature.


Late summer, early autumn is the season when the energy of the spleen is active. The spleen is vital in balancing energy, regulating the quantity of digestive and other fluids and Qi and governs our sense of stability. Spleen governs the saliva and lymphatic system.


When the spleen energy is imbalanced the body retains weight and fluid, and can lead to problems such as:

  • PHYSICAL: Muscular tenderness, indigestion, unruly appetite, swollen prostate, PMS with lethargy and swelling, sticky mucus, saliva, and perspiration, swollen glands, weak ankles and wrists, poor muscle tone, bruises easily, varicose veins, slow healing of cuts, bleeding gums and tooth decay, digestive disorders, fluid imbalance.
  • EMOTIONAL: Worry, Obsession, Self-Doubt, Disappointment
  • BEHAVIORAL / SPIRITUAL: Lethargy, Overprotective, Overextended, Overbearing, Unrealistic Expectations, Inert, Meddlesome, Stuck, Clingy, Spoiling, Scattered, Precarious, Amorphous.


Balanced earth energy is resourced enough to support and sustain all of life, yet at the same time is self-reliant and has boundaries. It sets the space for a new project, seeks to connect the group and build a strong community, watching everyone thrive, enjoying the energy of togetherness while satisfied not to be the center of attention. Focusing on nourishing oneself, expressing oneself as an individual, before giving to others is of utmost importance, understanding when to say yes or no to giving, is the energy of balanced earth. A nourished supple soil is not likely to crumble under pressure.

  • PHYSICAL: Sturdy, Grounded, Solid
  • EMOTIONAL: Nurturing, Sympathetic, Harmonious
  • BEHAVIORAL / SPIRITUAL: Supportive, Relaxed, Oriented, Sociable, Considerate, Agreeable, Poised, Attentive, Balanced, Accommodating, Connected, Loyal, Secure, Predictable, Self-sustained, Trans-formative.


  • Practice Late Summer QiGong sequences focused on the digestive system, blood and spleen. These are designed to move the body, move the blood and promote healthy digestion -- especially in the mid-section of the body.
  • Nurture Yourself - Shower yourself with positive thoughts and self-love. Try something exciting (take a sculpture class or paint a bench for your garden) and watch yourself blossom! Or take a road trip to an interesting location. Think about why you chose this place and how it may help you connect to your deeper self.
  • Eat seasonal produce from the Farmer's Market! Farmer’s markets are in full-swing in late summer, with produce (often organic) that is locally grown. Give up meat for a week, and instead stock up on fresh fruits and veggies. Why not grill some cauliflower or chop up an avocado and mango salad? See where your creativity takes you!
  • Connect to Nature - we are often so busy in our daily routines that we lose sight of our deep connection to Nature and Spirit. Take some time each day to walk in Nature and connect with Earth Element. Find something in Nature that captures your attention and study it intently. Recognize that everything in Nature is an energy being, just as you are. Let that connection flood your being...
  • Don’t Worry, Be Happy! Worry is the emotion that greatly impacts the function of the Stomach and Spleen. When you come to a worrisome situation, take a step back and breathe deeply. Try to look at the situation from a different perspective. Find a reason to smile.

Qi Breaks™ - Daily Short Routine - Instructions

  1. Practice weekly Qi Break sequences daily - These are designed to loosen tightness in and around the heart and mid-section., focused on cultivating a sense of peace, joy, affection, love and connection to everyone and everything around you. Emotional balance is key, especially during the fire of Summer, so spend time balancing Yin and Yang, or Fire and Water/Metal to ground and balance your Fire Energy.
  2. Be active - Physical activity, hike, dance, work out in nature specifically near or in water and in sunny places to achieve balance of the Heart.
  3. Eat - add cucumber or mint to your water, eat more fruit and veggies, take advantage of farmers markets and eat what's in season. Examples: lettuce, watermelon, spinach, corn, broccoli, asparagus, watercress. Avoid hot, greasy or spicy food. Add more seafood and fish to your diet.
  4. Be positive - Break through obstacles of the past and confinements of old thoughts and beliefs. Create a vision for your new self that you’d like to grow into, see the bigger picture and take actions towards it.

Theme: The Peacemaker

Special Notice: Below is a sample of the Qi Breaks we practice in the Autumn - the best and most powerful Qi Gong movements that support increased energy and stress release. Qi Breaks are available seasonally.

Videos below may be purchased individually outside of the current season and are available as a part of your Qi Breaks subscription in-season.

The current season and full set of associated practices may be found on the main Qi Breaks Student Access Page.

Week 1

Digestive System Strengthening

This meditative practice is powerfully designed to help you calm the digestive system and promote spleen feeding of surrounding organs.

Week 2

Abdominal Massage

This practice combines physical self-massage combined with very powerful visualization and energetic (Qi) direction into the body and Lower Dantien. Even if you don't have digestive issues, this practices (and the entire six week series) are critical to your health since the Lower Dantien is where Qi originates for your body!

Week 3

Digestive System Accupressure

This set of practices is designed to activate and heal the digestive system while promoting the flow of Spleen Qi throughout the body. Acupressure accesses the energetic body through physical energy entrance points in accordance with TCM. This is a powerful set of techniques you can you anywhere and at any time!

Week 4

Digestion Fire Building

This practice focuses on igniting the fire in your Dantien to release energy throughout the body. If you're feeling low and lackluster, this practice set will help you get going!

Week 5

Peristalsis Flow

This practice helps facilitate healthy digestion and movement through the intestines. This practice is designed to open the lower back while also massaging the internal organs - great for energizing, more efficient metabolism, increased energy and a leaner healthier body when done regularly!

Week 6

Separating Heaven and Earth

Not only does this exercise move stuck energies from the joints, but it is a way of opening up space to hold the uniqueness of our life. An ancient Qi Gong exercise, it carves out and claims space for expressing our unique fullness. As Connecting Heaven & Earth, it's a way of calling in what we desire from the abundance of the Universe.

Week 7

Coming Oct 9th

Week 8

Coming Oct 16th

Week 9

Coming Oct 23rd

Qi Breaks™ - Full Practice Routines

For each Full Practice Routine below we recommend that you practice 2-3 times a week or on the weekend. If time is limited, practice the shorter 20-minute version. Use any combination of the 20-minute and 60-minute routines to help you meet your goal of 2-3 full Qi Gong routine practices every week!

This one-hour practice focuses on Digestion system healing and energy activation, ending with a very powerful self-healing meditation. Specifically designed for the TCM Late Fall Season and promotion of Earth / Spleen Energy in the body!

This 20-minute practice is the shorter version of the September 1-hour practice focusing on Digestion and self-healing.

October 1-Hour Practice

Coming Oct 23rd

October 20-Minute Practice

Coming Oct 23rd

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