Autumn Qi Breaks


Metal Element - Lungs - Immune System

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Fall season is about preparing our body and mind for the cold season ahead. It's a time when the energy is going inwardly. The trees gathering the energy from the soil and let go of their leaves. We let go of energy that is not needed and gather the energy needed for the Winter to store.

The lungs are the active organ in the Autumn. Deep conscious breathing is the process which we let go of physical emotional and mental tensions. Few minutes of lower abdominal breathing is a great way to clear stagnant Qi. The health of the lungs is related to the health of our immune system as the lung responsible for the distribution of the Guardian Qi (Wei Qi), releasing emotional and mental stress. As the lung responsible for 70% of removal of toxins from the body, Qi Gong practices to increase their capacity is very

Theme: The Alchemist


Autumn is the season when the energy of the lung is active. The lungs are the gateway of Qi, regulating the quantity of oxygen and passing it through to the blood and Qi and governs the evenness of our principles, our ability to reason. Lung governs the skin and mucous secretions, regulating the body’s moisture levels.


When the lung energy is imbalanced the body cannot get sufficient oxygen and qi, which can lead to problems such as:

  • PHYSICAL: Stiff joints and muscles, dry skin and hair, overextended or tight chest, dry cough, sinus headache, stiff spine and posture, dry mucous, constipation, cracked nails and lips, intermittent pulse, frail physique, stress, varicose veins, enlarged lymph nodes, respiratory disorders, dehydration, shallow breathing, poor circulation, sensitive to climate
  • EMOTIONAL: Sadness, Depression, Disappointment, Difficulty with Emotional Intimacy
  • BEHAVIORAL / SPIRITUAL: Formal, indifferent, inhibited, autocratic, strict, persnickety, distant, unnatural, self-righteous, disillusioned, prejudiced, perfectionistic, stoic, austere, dogmatic, petty, sloppy, compliant, hypocritical, lacks conviction, elusive, controlling


Balanced metal energy respects virtue and authority, lays out the structure needed. They seek order and create it wherever they go. They are authoritative in a way that supports others thriving on consistency. Focusing on laying the groundwork, admiring beauty and passion while overcoming the need for self-control and thus overcoming rigidity, both mentally and physically, is of utmost importance, understanding when it’s important to soften and go with the flow is the energy of balanced metal energy. Flexible metal can adapt to its surroundings while retaining it’s structure.

  • PHYSICAL: Lean, symmetrical, compact muscles
  • EMOTIONAL: Virtuous, Calm, Expressive yet composed
  • BEHAVIORAL / SPIRITUAL: Analytical, Defined, Methodical, Discerning, Scrupulous, Accepting, Neat, Disciplined, Honorable, Precise, Reserved, Ritualistic, Ceremonious, Structured, Skillful, Defined, Discrete, Authoritative, Reasoned, Principled, Reveres Beauty and Refinement.\

Qi Breaks™ - Daily Practice Videos

For each short weekly routine we recommend that you practice at least once a day, preferably a few times a day to master the movement and receive full benefit.

Qi Breaks™ - Letting Go

This first practice of Fall is focused on releasing energy from the body and letting go of emotional stress. A powerful practice focused on the Lungs and Metal element tonification in the body!

Week 2 - Tiger Clears the Way

In this practice we bring out our inner tiger to clear the lungs and tonify kidney energy. This is a very powerful immune system boosting exercise designed to get energy flowing throughout the body.

Week 3 - Acupressure for Emotional Release

Acupressure is a powerful way to affect the body through it's energetic channels - called meridiens. In this practice we learn how to activate some of the most powerful points for emotional release - a key component of de-stressing and creating space in the body to boost immune system function.

Week 4 - The Windmill

This week we focus on breath in a beautiful movement that connects the kidneys and lungs while moving all joints in the body. This practice is also amazing for developing a higher level of coordination.

Week 5 - Spinal Light Gathering

Spinal Light Gathering is a foundational practice in Qi Gong. The movement focuses more specifically on opening up the energetic pathways in the body through the spine, as well as creating an energy pump between the kidneys and lungs. This can be a strong practice, so start gently and then work your way up over time, extending the practice to 5-10 minutes. This practice is fantastic as an opening practice to use before others and can facilitate emotional processing.

Week 6 - Sun Returns to its Origins

This practice is a very strong practice designed to build strength and internal power while opening the lungs and tonifying the Kidney Qi. This is a powerful practice designed to combine the best elements of Qi Gong - movement, strength and internal breathing!

Week 7 - Harmonizing Heaven and Earth

This is a beautiful grounding practice designed to connect earth energy with heavenly energy. In addition, this movement opens the lungs, stretching upper body to create as much space as possible for Lung Qi expansion int the body.

Week 8 - Expanding into the Horizon

In this practice we activate the lungs to connect with the heart to send energy out and gather it back from the universe. This is a powerfully calming and healing practice designed to tonify Kidney and Heart Qi!

Week 9 - Lung Detoxification

We continue our focus on breath by relaxing and releasing tension, to enable an increase in lung capacity. In this practice we relax the mind and body, and then stretch the intercostal muscles with a flow to open and detox the lungs.

Week 10 - 3D Lung Opening

This practice fully opens the lungs in all three dimensions. This increases the surface area in the lungs available to absorb oxygen, increasing the overall oxygen levels in the body. This practice also connects Lung Qi with Kidney Qi to further activate the immune system and increase overall energy and mental clarity!

Qi Breaks™ - Full Practice Routines

For each Full Practice Routine below we recommend that you practice at least once a week and up to 2-3 times a week, or on the weekend. If time is limited, practice the shorter 20-minute version. Use any combination of the 20-minute and 60-minute routines to help you meet your goal of 2-3 full Qi Gong routine practices every week!

This one hour practice is focused on Fall practices associated with Immune System boosting and stress release. A more meditative practice that's extremely powerful and immediately effective.

A shortened version of October's 1 Hour practice to be used if you're short on time!

This month we continue our focus on movements that open the Lung Qi, and in turn promote a healthy immune system. In this routine we combine some more rigorous practices with meditation to promote stress-reduction, and conditions for increasing a state of Flow.

A shortened version of November's 1 Hour practice to be used, again, if you're short on time!

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