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You are about to transform your life!

When we commit to a daily Qi Gong routine as short as few minutes each day or a couple of times a day, you are going to feel over time less triggered and more grounded, centered, relaxed and energized. These new energy reservoirs are always here for you to help you give birth to whatever you'd like to grow in your life!

You have it all at your fingertips right now - just connect and practice. What I love about Qi Gong is that it is easy, effortless and enjoyable!

Qi Breaks are arranged by seasons. Every month you get to practice at least four short Qi Gong routines which you practice every day or few times a day. Then 2-3 times a week or on the weekends you practice with the 20 or 75 minute routine, depending on how much time you have. Since Qi With Eli is a Social Corporation, a portion of your monthly subscription goes to charities focused on social good through mindfulness.

I'm here to support you or answer questions any time you need it - simply email me at eli@qiwitheli.com.

With Loving Qi,


Current Season's Qi Breaks


Kidneys - Water

Water...like a spring that can change shape at a moment’s notice - flowing wildly to give life to everything in its path, retreating underground so no one knows it’s there, freezing to become seemingly inert yet expansive - the element of water is mysterious. Winter is a time of going inward for answers, as the archetype of water demonstrates so well. Clever, articulate, and introspective, water is the philosopher who spreads her wisdom far and wide. Self-reliant, resilient, and penetrating, water is an enigma, leaving others to wonder how she does what she does, knows what she knows. The power of the water element comes from curiosity, the thirst for understanding and the will to get there. The season of Winter is a dark time, allowing for the light of life to sparkle and shine across the surface of water.

Past Seasons' Qi Breaks


Metal - Lungs

Metal is sturdy and dependable, loves ritual and keeps to high standards. This element associated with autumn, a time of contraction, when trees let go of their leaves in order to feed the soil, providing for generations to come. The metal archetype is courageous in its ability to contract, supporting others, almost indirectly, as if from the sidelines. The alchemist conducts its magic and is happy to stand back and watch the fruit of its labors at harvest. Metal is moral and just, dependable as the leaves that will always fall during the autumn season, each and every year. Thus the power of metal is in its consistency, in its ability to reason and thrives when it’s able to let things go.


Liver - Wood

Like a fresh blade of grass pushing through the soil in spring-time, spring symbolizes growth, transformation, bold and clear direction. Willing to take risks and acceleration towards our goals while staying supple and flexible. Understanding when it’s important to yield and retreat. After all, a flexible branch is less likely to break under pressure. The energy of wood is teeming with life. The power of the wood element comes from the ability to expand and thrive under pressure, taking action, with clear vision on goals. The season of Spring is an exciting time. It’s one of rebirth, growth, and rapid ascension. Movement is rapid, surging, and intense, so to break through the boundaries and confinement of winter.


Heart - Fire

Like a flame dancing in the wind, fire is enchanting; it is hard to look away from its mesmerizing dance. The archetype of fire is characterized by its charisma, its passion and ability to incite a spice for life in others - this element is characterized by excitement. It is the heat, joy and lust of summer. Empathetic, intuitive, and playful, fire is the charmer who brings everyone together. It has the ability to unite all elements in one fell swoop, melding everything together. The power of fire comes from its intensity of emotion, everyone wants to be warmed by its heat. The season of summer is marked by bright light and endless kisses from the sun.

Late Summer

Stomach - Earth

Like our strong and sturdy mother, Earth supports us all. It is characterized by a dense, grounded stature and a warm heart. It is able to hold up the entire group, taking charge and insisting upon loyalty. It feels secure, accommodating, joins others together, then stands back to enjoy the fruit of its labors. Earth has the ability to be provide a safe space for us all, to create the feeling of harmony. The power of Earth comes from its abundant resources - knowing just what to do and when to do it. The time of Earth is marked by the period between Summer and Autumn, a time of peace and balance, when all is well, the harvest has not yet come, but the growth cycle is complete. It is mature.

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