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I've helped hundreds of students learn the power and healing benefits of Qi Gong for over 10 years. I am based in beautiful San Rafael, California, and teach classes around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Qi Gong is a proven, ancient Chinese practice that accomplishes all of these things and more:

  • Healing yourself when you fall ill
  • Improving your strength and flexibility
  • Finding inner-peace
  • Increasing your vitality and energy

Learning Qi Gong is incredibly easy and now you can practice from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are!

What are Qi Breaks™ Online?

Qi Break - Harmonizing Heaven and Earth

  • Qi Breaks are short videos focused on a single Qi Gong movement practice, designed to have an immediate energy-boosting effect on the body. These short practices done throughout the day are the secret to how I and my teachers stay focused, energetic and positive throughout each day. It’s a way to bring a Qi Gong state of mind into your life when you have only few minutes to spare.

  • Qi Breaks go deep into one Qi Gong movement practice for 3-6 minutes and explain it in detail to help you perfect your personal practice while building your experiential vocabulary of Qi Gong.

  • The four Qi Breaks I post each month are all incorporated into my monthly, one hour and 20-minute online class videos. They help you go deeper at the energetic level to quickly release stress when your time is limited! Every practice acts differently in the body and can be tailored for different purposes.

How do Qi Breaks™ work??

Qi Break - Kidney Flow

In this Qi Break we focus on tonifying the kidneys and open the bladder meridian plus lower back.

  • I publish four Qi Break videos per month, they may be purchased individually for $2.99 each or with a monthly subscription
  • If you subscribe, in addition to four Qi Breaks, every month you also get a full one-hour class with a 20 minute condensed version for only $12.96 per month. That’s only one dollar more for the full recorded classes!
  • You'll be notified of new videos by email so that you don't miss out
  • The videos are meant for all ability levels and focus on mindfully building internal strength, self-healing and peacefulness
  • Videos can be watched from any device - phone, tablet or computer
  • Classes are filmed from multiple angles to assist in mastering your own movement and maximizing Qi flow in the body
  • All videos are professionally recorded, edited and designed to help you understand the full range of movement

My in-person classes are $15-20 per person, so this is a great deal. My intention is to give you an affordable way to develop a regular practice and experience the incredible healing and health benefits that can only come from practicing Qi Gong daily.

SPECIAL FOR THE MONTH OF DECEMBER: Register in December and get a monthly subscription for $9.99 a month for the first four months, when using the coupon code QIBREAK at checkout! You can also give a one month or more subscription as a Holiday gift to your loved ones, email me for details.

I hope you enjoy Qi Breaks - see you in person at class or online!

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($9.99 for first four months - checkout coupon code QIBREAK)

Strength for Spine and Legs Qi Gong

20-minute condensed practice focused on leg and spine stability (full hour class is here).

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