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Qi Gong for Emotions - Master Your Emotions Like a Qi Gong Master!

Emotions give meaning to life. They are like the music of life and your body is the instrument in which the music is playing from...

Emotional distress, whether it's anxiety, sadness or depression, low energy or feeling overwhelmed by life, all has great impact on our well-being and on our relationships. Rushing through the day or having an argument with your boss or spouse takes a toll on our immune system. 

More and more these days people feel that their overall ability to get to the end of the day feeling content and relaxed is compromised.  

In Chinese Medicine we believe that our emotional state is the root for our physical and mental health and well-being. We seek to respond to emotional challenge by boosting the body internal energy. We do this in a variety of ways! This includes working with our personal emotional patterns that do not support us. 

In Qi Gong we see the emotions as energy -- the secret to working with them successfully. We map them in the body energy pathways, so that we can work with them effectively. Mastery, or being skilled in working with emotional energy relies on our ability to integrate these techniques into our life on a regular basis until it becomes a second nature and we feel more empowered and vital!  

In this online course, you’ll discover:

  • Emotional body mapping and a personal experience of it

  • The five keys and flows to transform emotional stagnation back into a state of flow

  • Sound Healing techniques to transform emotions

  • Acupressure points to release various emotions