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Three Day Challenge: From Pain to Freedom with Qi (New)


In my FREE Three Day Challenge I'll teach you how to you transform chronic pain and illness.

These practices are an arm of Traditional Chinese Medicine called Qi Gong (translated as Energy Cultivation Practice) that has been developed over the last 5,000 years in Asia.  It was originally developed to restore health to the Shaolin Monks in China. Once they started to incorporate movement with meditation, they discovered that they could also move Qi (life force energy) in the body, used for healing and for combat purposes.

I've personally experienced and witnessed miraculous healing from the methodology I developed and teach.  It just takes dedication while focusing on your own healing potential, and innate perfection.  I teach you exactly how to do this and you'll feel the results immediately.


This powerful, short program is a small sample of the broader Qi Breaks Subscription Program that I offer, which includes much more robust content and information about permanently healing yourself in addition to ridding yourself of chronic pain.