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Deep Healing Qi Gong™ for Healthy Knees

There's an old Taoist saying: "The Hinge Of An Active Door Never Rusts". The key for healing joints is movement! Physical movement and the movement of your mind is as important. 

Throughout my teaching practice I realized that many people suffer from issues with their knees. Being an active person I injured and healed my knees many times. 

In this ONE HOUR practice video there are movements that are geared towards:

  • Strengthening the muscles around the knee joint, especially the Quadricep is very important to stabilize the joint.
  • Light active-stretching, flicking and shaking helps to move the energy in the joint itself.
  • Lastly, and as important, is commitment to a knee meditation. Feeling the knee joint in your mind with eyes closed. Sensing every part of the joint with your mind with great focus and attentiveness, very methodically. After experiencing different sensations, sending your positive thoughts in the joint, visualizing it healed, strong and alive.