Qi With Eli

Tuesdays - San Francisco

NEW!! Evening Health and Vitality Qi Gong - LEVYDance Studio SF - Tuesdays 5:45-7:00pm with Eli Cohen

This class in the beautiful and spacious SF LEVYDance Studio combines the effortless flow movements of Qi Gong with mindful focus to relax and strengthen the body, and to increase your own unique internal power. Qi Gong combines meditation AND movement to achieve a deeply relaxed, healthful state.

This class combines stretches and energetic exercise enabling you to work with yin and yang forms of conditioning. Yang is dynamic, active, fluid; yin is static, meditative, grounding.

We focus on learning dynamic flow movements that open the body, guide and direct internal and external energy through the body's energy pathways, which cultivates more energy.

Great for all experience and ability levels, especially if you're looking for therapeutic movement practice focused on relaxation, releasing modern-day stress / anxiety, and incremental mind-body strength development.

$20 per class or $170 10-class pass


LEVY Dance Studio, 19 Heron Street, San Francisco (SoMa)