Qi Gong For Health and Healing - Thursdays 12:15-1:15pm - Marin JCC in San Rafael, CA

This class is a classic gentle healing Qi Gong class. In this class we will combine flowing movement, light stretches, meditative movements and powerful Tze Neng Gong practices.

Participants will learn a dynamic flow to open the body, to guide and direct internal and external energy through the body energy pathways as well as cultivate more energy. Great for all, but especially for folks looking for therapeutic-healing movement practices.

In each class we learn to develop awareness of subtle energy fields and activate our healing potential. Developing this sensitivity has many benefits outside of the class room. It is a step in developing stronger Self-healing abilities.

Free for members / $20 for non-members

Marin JCC North, 200 San Pedro Road, San Rafael, CA