Awaken The Healer Within - Episode 37 - The Secret to Happiness in Qi Gong

Uncategorized Jul 26, 2021

What is the quality of your energy? In Chinese Medicine we often talk not only about how much energy you have but also the quality and the type of one's life force energy. We all want a lot of energy, but, a good, balanced type of energy.

Many studies conducted in communities around the world also known as "The Blue Zones". These are clusters of areas where people live a very long and consistently happy life. They have discovered that life direction or an overall purpose in life plays a major role in your health and longevity.

Do you know that feeling that you are feeling vital and happy doing something you love? It has nothing to do with your job or financial goals. It is "That which makes life worth living"...

What is it for you? In Chinese Medicine the Heart holds the connection to one's purpose and meaning in life. How can you be closer to yourself? This week we focus on listening to your heart and being connected to your purpose!

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Awaken the Healer Within - Episode 36 - Transforming Struggles Into Blessings

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2021

Our modern life is full of challenges and moments of frustration, judgement or misunderstanding. No one likes that feeling of chaos or un-clarity. Sometimes our struggles lead to growth and expansion and sometimes to contraction and caving in. Is there a way to secure growth and winning at all times? 

From the Qi Gong point of view; life is cyclical, day and night, bright and dark, full and empty, chaos and clear, two sides which play the game of our daily experience which known also as yin and yang. They transform into each other and they are essential to the flow of energy. YES! That sense of energy we all seek. 

How can we embrace and trust this process?

In this Qi Talk talk (the 2nd out of this series of 5 talks addressing the subject of energy depletion) I'm going to talk about how to turn a rocky road into a magnificent flight. And downfalls into opportunities.

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Awaken The Healer Within - Episode 35 - Building Your Energy Reservoir

Uncategorized Jul 11, 2021

You know the feeling of starting your day and feeling like you carry heavy weight with you -- the muscles are sore, your head is not clear, and all you want is just to rest?

Your body is a marvelous factory of energy and it needs a very specific kind of maintenance.  Qi Gong has the almost magical ability, to replenish your energy and build an energetic reservoir for you to pull from when you need it! The Heart, specifically, is an endless source of energy when your emotions, body and spirit are in alignment.

This week we focus on energy cultivation from the Heart (the current season we are in and organ system we are focusing on for the next six weeks) more specifically as a source of infinite energy.

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Awaken The Healer Within - Episode 34 - Transforming from Stagnation to Flow with Heart

Uncategorized Jul 04, 2021

We all know these days when nothing seems to be working. The feeling of frustration, anger or disappointment arise and we cannot see the light in the end of the tunnel.

In these moments, the Chinese will say that your Qi is stuck and your heart is confused. You see, the heart can see see as far as the meaning of life, and when it loses this feeling it becomes confused and its energy loses its rhythm and direction.

In my free Qi Talk this week we will talk about how to transform the state of the heart from stagnation to flow, from fogginess to a clear view of ourselves and our life.

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Awaken the Healer Within - Episode 33 - Turning Your Energy Around With Qi

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2021

Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed, or woken up with lackluster energy?  This week we focus on using Qi to turn our energy around.

Today's stressors and environment around you can really contribute to the energy you take on, even if you're mindfully aware of what's going on around you.  If you go to bed without clearing your energy and preparing for the next day, you can end up agitated, unmotivated, etc...

This week in my weekly Qi Talk I share some really powerful, yet simple ways to reset your energy with what I call a Qi refocusing.  Enjoy!

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Awaken The Healer Within - Episode 32 - The Path to Healing With TCM and Qi Gong

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2021

Qi Gong healers practice the same foundational techniques as everyone else, but they have practiced so much that they understand every move, breath, and thought behind the techniques. Through effort ("gong"), Qi Gong healers have gained a deeper understanding of the exercises and aimed this effort toward learning how to control Qi.

Practitioners believe that to effectively emit Qi to help heal others, Qi Gong healers need to maintain their personal health. Therefore, they continuously practice self-healing Qi Gong to regulate their personal health. The practice of Qi Gong teaches that without self-healing, the Qi Gong healer's ability to heal diminishes as well as his or her own health.

Practitioners further believe that diligent practice helps them progressively develop skills such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, that can help the healer's diagnosis skills.

In addition to their strong practice, Qi Gong healers understand Traditional Chinese Medicine theory (Qi,...

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Awaken The Healer Within - Episode 30 - Bone Health

Uncategorized May 09, 2021

As we get older, this becomes increasingly important, but even at younger ages it's the time to start focusing on bone health.  When you practice the right movements and eat the right foods, you can build strength in your bones.

In my Free Qi Talk on Bone health we talk about how to build strong, healthy bones with Qi!

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Awaken The Healer Within - Episode 29 - Joint Health and Healing Your Joints

Uncategorized May 04, 2021

In this podcast we talk about what's important to keeping healthy and supple joints, and what to do to promote healing in them.  You won't want to miss this one, even if your joints are perfect! :)

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Awaken the Healer Within - Episode 28 - Heal Your Back

Uncategorized Apr 17, 2021

Do you struggle with back pain or spinal weakness?  In this week's podcast we talk about ways that you can approach dealing with and healing yourself quickly!

We have a Qi Gong for Healthy Spine Workshop happening on April 18th from 10AM-1PM Pacific, focused on deeper Qi Gong and energetic healing practices.  Sign up here and join us for a powerful time together, online!

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Awaken the Healer Within - Episode 27 - From Overwhelm to Clarity

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2021

Over the past year or even now, how many of you have felt stuck or overwhelmed? It seems to be more the norm, especially over the last year. And as we look out optimistically to our world beyond the pandemic with excitement, there's also the feeling of 'what next?'

This is a perfect time of year to focus on ways to unblock ourselves. Much of the time we get in our own way, in our heads and have a hard time figuring out that critical or most important next step to take. If we pause, listen and connect with the Universe the answers are there.

This week's podcast covers how we get blocked and how to get un-stuck, out of overwhelm into clarity.

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