About Eli


Eli Cohen has helped hundreds heal and connect with their life’s true potential through the cultivation of life-force energy, creativity, calm and vitality. He is a Medical Qi Gong practicioner and an Energy Healing Coach who has taught thousands of classes and many workshops.

Eli’s experience healing himself from a chronic condition led him to develop a personalized one-on-one method called Deep Healing Qi GongTM and Qi BreaksTM Online (www.qibreaksonline.com). He studied with master teachers in the USA and abroad for over 10 years, and shares this powerful practice with great enthusiasm and love. Known for his approachable and dynamic style of teaching, he teaches classes and facilitates workshops regularly around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Eli also works with organizations like Google Inc., Kaiser Health, and The City of San Francisco to create stress management and performance programs tailored to each organization’s culture and needs. He is known for his approachable and dynamic style of teaching that makes ancient wisdom practices accessible and effective in our modern, fast-paced world.

Eli cares deeply about promoting self-awareness and healing through social good. He runs his company as an Social Purpose Corporation, giving a percentage of profits to mindfulness focused non-profit charities.

Eli may be reached via email at eli@qiwitheli.com

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My Story

As a child, I developed a secretive practice I would do by myself that always made me feel great and help me out when things were rough. While other kids where playing soccer and other games, I used to go to a quiet place away so no one would see me and do my own practice. I would run energy through my body and connect with the energy all around me and visualize what I like to see in my life. It was very meditative, strengthening and enlivening.

When I was 12 years old my father contracted brain cancer. It was very hard to see my father go through hard treatments until he died two years later. This was when my own secret practice got more developed and became essential to my emotional and physical health and well-being.

Later on in life I graduated from Architecture school and became an architect. Working as an architect long hours in a foreign country I developed severe digestive problems and abdominal pain related to the stress I was going through.

This is when I searched for help...

When I met my Qi Gong teacher for the first time I had a big a-ha moment. I felt deeply connected to what he taught and knew from this moment, this is what I need to be doing and sharing with the world. I know this practice!! It was similar to what I used to do as a child. But, this one was more deliberate and the principles helped guide the mind in a different way! I was captivated by it.

During that same first Qi Gong workshop, several Qi Gong practitioners came up on stage and were talking about how the healed very quickly, within months from different chronic conditions including cancer and auto-immune disorders. I was intrigued and wanted to learn more.

I read many books about Qi Gong and Chinese Medicine. I went to every Qi Gong workshop, class and retreat in my area! Later on, I sought teachers abroad and flew across the world to see them. I got to learn some very demanding, high level Qi Gong practices. I also went to different meditation retreats, some were silent and weeks long. Some incorporated sitting in darkness for many hours each day.

This is when I got a deep internal knowing about a new direction in my life. I slowly started to share what I've learned from my teachers within with my community, here in the Bay Area, California.

My hope is to give you a similar experience and inspiration for hope and promise I sensed.

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info@qiwitheli.com :: (415) 295-2261 :: facebook.com/qiwitheli